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Call Of Chernobyl 1.4 ZonaPhobia. I am releasing a modmerge making the game feel like the inspired mod RadioPhobia 2 Shadow of Chernobyl.

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Polishing Games Rendering and Lighting Changes

Since the original release of 1.4 only supports computers that can use DX9 Enhanced up to Direct X 12. Changes to the lighting depending on weather or time of day, like in the original games.

Textures from the Shadow Chernobyl Mod {RaidoPhobia 2 Dead Nature} texture pack, working optimally with computers with the equivalent hardware such as

CPU i3 7100 [] GPU GTX 710 for being the minimal requirements.

This Mod is not just made for DESKTOPS with bad hardware is also

addressing rendering setting issues for all Direct X.


Now I know what your thinking, OWR? a very underwhelming kinda overused weapon mod YET I have made some personal changes to sounds and availability of all of the original and newly added weapons.

зомби Stalkers have the chances of most of the time using typical AK74 MP5 PKM LR300 Or just lower tier weapons.

Монолит Cultist will always have the LR300 RPG SVD SG553 and more higher tier weapons.

бандит will often have a mixture of all kinds of equipment.

мerc{}s will have some of the best equipment aside from Monolith forces like the AUG SG553 STRIKER LR300 also including attachments.
свобода Stalkers will have the LR300 SVD SVU SG553 and other medium tier weapons and equipment.

долг Stalkers will have the expected layouts with AN-94 and Groza and regular equipment to be confiscated.

Чистое небо groups will have medium and low grade equipment to found and taken.

Сталкер gear will depend on rank.

Screenshots Of The Zone

ss lorvu 01 19 20 14 29 50 l04ss lorvu 01 08 20 13 18 06 k01ss lorvu 06 20 19 03 49 25 k00ss lorvu 07 16 19 00 03 19 zatoss lorvu 01 19 20 14 34 04 l02ss lorvu 06 19 19 21 56 07 l01ss lorvu 01 08 20 13 07 00 l04ss lorvu 12 31 19 04 22 37 l02 1ss lorvu 12 01 19 11 48 07 l01ss lorvu 12 01 19 10 57 13 k01ss lorvu 01 18 20 23 44 55 l01

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