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We're in deep doo,doo.. we need help otherwise our project could go south.

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Well, I'll start with the good news, we've finally got a good coder. :)

The bad news is my college course is about to start and as I'm the only modeller here it will pretty much bring development of this game to a halt.. (well not that it was going very fast anyway :/ ehm..) To keep this project alive we need a few people who share the same vision as we do, to create a mecha game that kicks ass and have the skills to make it happen.

We have:
Modeler (AKA me)
Texturer/Concept Artist
Coder that knows C++ and unity

We need:
Decent Modeller
Someone that can animate, I as suck at it (With knowledge on how to export FBX animations)
And a coder that knows C++ (preferably someone who knows unity but not necessary)

So If anyone is interested, either go to ,make an account and PM me, or use the chat below.

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