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Do you want to be a tester? Because Uncle Joe wants you! Or at least, he's looking to get some conscripts willing to fire every weapon, be hit by every weapon, and contribute to our glorious history of superb balance.

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Do you want to be a tester? Because Uncle Joe wants you! Or at least, he's looking to get some conscripts willing to get run over, electrocuted, shot, exploded, and drowned... over and over in every way you can dream up in our little game.

Let me warn you before you apply, you need to have free time available! Don't waste Uncle Joe's time if you have sports all weekend, or are opposed to playing APB for a couple hours every Saturday or Sunday! You need to be able to follow instructions and be familiar with fooling around in Windows; you need to make backups and fiddle with the registry now and then.

Don't waste everybody's time by applying to test if you live on Mars with crappy internet and cannot fathom downloading 600mb every week, your computer is literally falling apart and spends more time waiting on an RMA than executing applications, or if you won't be able to show up to actually test with people. Everybody will think you're a jerk if you can't live up to expectations!

Please send Chronojam a PM on the forums with the following information:

  • The nickname you use on the official server. If you are banned or have a crappy history, don't bother.
  • When you are available in general, ie during the week. If "Weekend" isn't here, don't bother.
  • When you are available long-term. If 'one month' is your answer, don't bother.
  • How long you have been playing APB/Renalert This one I'm not picky about
  • Why you want to be a tester Keep it short.
  • If you can be on IRC and/or Teamspeak during tests
  • Do you have a Macintosh you could try Gamma on? Obviously not necessary but is a big plus

I have no target population in mind while I write this but we'll grab a bunch of people until I decide we've got enough. You don't need to be actually good at the game or some kind of elite player who knows the precise health percentage a single M60 bullet does to a V2 Launcher, but all testers must a) follow instructions b) write/read English fluently c) be trustworthy.<!--/colorc-->


I guess "crappy history" applies to me... >_>

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I would apply as I actually have some history in APB and I'm a good player (preferably a sniper) but as with Ferkhat,"crappy history" applies to me,and that is the reason I'm waiting for Gamma or AR. :P

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Hell, this was one of my dreams... but I still not have my video card.


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