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The Declaration of Sovereignty Of the Corporations of the Caldari Militia

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The Declaration of Sovereignty
Of the Corporations of the Caldari Militia

The Caldari have come a very long way since their inception. At first the success rate was low and Gallente militia fleets were frequently claiming victory. Today, we are in control of the situation. We are so in control that we can barely find targets in Black Rise.
In light of these developments, it is time for the corporations of the Caldari Militia to claim sovereignty over these conquered territories. Currently we simply use these systems for on-demand pvp. Soon we will make our residence more permanent.
As the war is unending, so must our vigilance be. This document will ensure exclusive presence of the Caldari and the exploitation of the captured territories.

Article I: Granting of Sov.
In order for a corporation to claim Sov. Over a system, it must be occupied by the Caldari State. A corporation can claim a system by petitioning the Ruling Corporations (See Article II) for control of a system. Only one corporation may have control of a system at a time. It may not be occupied by another corporation within the militia unless the said corporation approves of a shared territory.

Article II: Ruling Corporations
All Corporations in the militia are automatically appointed to the ruling circle. Those in State Protectorate are not in power nor are they bound by the choices of the Ruling Corporations.
Each corporation has one vote, plus another vote for every 10 people in their corporation. Please note fractional amounts of votes are not granted, if a corporation has 29 people they get 3 votes, not 4. Voting sessions will be help on weekends at 0:00, any corporation not active at that time should have a representative of them in the assembly.
To vote a CEO/Director/Rep. of said corporation must be present in the Caldari-Assembly channel. Issues will be put forward by anyone there, as well as requests for control of a system, and will be voted on.
In the event of a dispute, the votes will decide the winning side. However, all corporations reserve the right to leave the body at any time if a decision is put against them that will do damage to their corporation.
A corporation may opt-out of this process by refusing to ratify this document within the said channel during meeting time, or simply by not showing up.

Article III: Responsibilities of the Sov. Corporation
If a corporation has been approved control of a lo sec, faction wars, system then they are required to be proactive at the following.

  • Keeping the system clear of war targets and pirates (both rogue and corporate). Note: Not all Wts can be removed from local, concentrate on keeping them immobile in the system.
  • Maintaining a presence in the system of at least 2 members at all times, excepting cases such as Fleet ops.

Relaying any intel relevant to the system that they occupy.
To assist nearby corporations (ie within 3 jumps) in engagements.
In addition, it is recommended that the corporation be able to do the following...

  • Set up and maintain a POS of any size within their system if it does not have a station.
  • Set up and defend a logistical (resupply) and industrial (mining, manufacturing, etc) presence in the system to exploit the lo sec resources.
  • Have -10 alts to pop scout ibises.

Article IV: Revoking Status
In the event of a gross violation of this charter, the Ruling Corporations can vote to have the control of a system revoked and make it a shared property of the Ruling Corporations. Gross violations are defined as....
Refusing to fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities for more than 1 week in a row. (within reason)
Attempting to lift Sov. From another corporation without Ruling Corporations approval or the corporation's consent.
Declaring war (formally or otherwise) on another militia corporation.

Article V: Amending this Document
It is likely that changes will need to be made, and they can be proposed by anyone at a meeting. However, in a vote for an amendment each corporation only gets 1 vote + another vote for every 20 members to prevent a single large corporation from dominating the field. Now our 29 man corp only gets 2 votes.
Amendments will be posted at the end of this document when ratified. A list of failed amendments will also be maintained in a different section so we can learn what does not work and keep a record of it.

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