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Cactus V2 has been released! I sure hope it all works.

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I've released Cactus V2! Check out the SVN for most recent updates/fixes.
I cut out a lot of stuff to make it remotely playable.

List of things removed:

  • Powerup Cactus removed.
  • Powerups removed.
  • Ability to spawn as Slow Cactus removed.
  • Human weapons limited to vacuum.


  • Sometimes the Cactus Icon HUD doesn't show when you switch to the cactus team - (???)
  • Sometimes the round system will freeze right before the last round starts - (???)
  • Occasionally people are able to team-kill without meaning to - (Still not sure how this happens)
  • When cacti kill humans with physics, the killer shows up as sent_cactus rather than the player - (I've used SetOwner so this shouldn't be happening either)

Have fun!

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