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My first game, C-Default, is finally at a stage I can show and talk about, after 6 months of development, so here it is!

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This is C-Default, an open-world cube-flipping puzzle game with a mysterious story behind the blocky truth.


You control a cube and can "paint" the blocks in front of you for either puzzle-solving or attacking!


You lose life when you are above a block with a different color than yours, but gain some when standing on a block with the same color.

You can change your color and the color of your attack, and throughout the game you get more of them.



There are special items as well, which allows you to move your cube in a different way:


Wall Walking

With this item you can climb walls and even walk upside-down, as long as there's a block of the same color as yours where you can be "stickied" at. With the right color you can access hidden areas and go through different paths.



With this item you can dash in any direction, moving without flipping. While you can't go up with this like you can while flipping, you can go through paths that would be impossible to without this item, like directly under another block.



With this item you can't attack, but you can move really fast through the world of C-Default.


Behind this game there's a mysterious story about the world, the blocks, and you. What is this world, what are these blocks and what is your real mission? Interact with other blocks, help some, defeat some, and go where no block should ever be to uncover the truth in this adventure!

But always remember, the primary colors are Red, Green and Default.

The World

The world is made of blocks with different colors. There are several places to be visited in the main areas - the City, the Forest, the Desert and the Worker's Area. There is also an area hidden by huge walls - what could be in there?

Where is the development now?

The gameplay aspect is almost finished, although there are (of course xD) still bugs to be fixed.

The world itself, the places, blocks and puzzles are still being made, frequently updated with new things, and more events that happen in the game are also being added.

The story is finished, but there are still dialogs that need some final touch.

The UI development (well, it's harder than I thought it would be haha).


I intend to put this game on Steam Greenlight soon, but first I want to know what you guys think of it, what looks bad, what looks good, to be able to make a very fun game to play. This is the first game I'm making (besides some chess ones here and pong ones there for training), and all by myself, including the music, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

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