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A recollection of what happened with BZSmod in 2013 and what we currently are working on.

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It is now over a year ago since we wrote our last news on moddb, and we achieved a lot since then.


We were in a hassle with several attacks on out site, meanwhile some of the team members were working a lot and 2 were writing their bachelors. Not a whole much was achieved with exception of sound and animations.
In the end of the spring, the site was improved and now have 3300 bots and flooders banned. Unfortunately the entire country Algeria, is banned due to the hacking attempts from many IP's in their country.


The forum became much faster, and our host also lunched the upgrade of their equipment which also ended all the ddos flooding we fought against.

A new project management "The Bug Genie" was put into use, and to us it is the perfect replacement for projectfork. After everyone got used to the manager, things began to develop faster and the dependencies in the project became clear to us

With the vacation, the progress took a notch up.

Class selection completed and no bugs in the interface.
New Kido attack system was implemented.
New UI system was implemented.
FMOD sound system was chosen for playing music (working on a codec plugin)
Self Illumination of player models implemented.(image)

New animations for ichigo is being made and tested.

Most English voices for Kenpachi and Nnoitra are completed. The sound effects are being developed and upgraded to better versions.

Ron (DocRock) and Daniel(sToP!) joined the team and started mapping.
A collaboration between 2d artists, models and mappers was engaged to ensure an anime looking environment.
Probs for the maps are being made by the modeller.


BZSmod have been quite visionary regarding the combat system, and we have decided to redesign the combat system so it is more intuitive and fun to use. This weekend there will be a meeting regarding the system, and our goal is to define a new one with a plan for implementation.

On the sideline, we are currently implementing new animations and the radar system. The radar system will take part in the dynamic music system, that plays # numbers of music layers, depending on the danger you are in. (further described in the Game design sheet)

On that part, FMOD still looks like a good system to play encoded music, but had several issues using our AAC plugin.

If there are good alternatives which is supported, we will most likely drop the development of the AAC plugin.

Of course we still encounter a lot of unforeseen bugs, which we try to resolve before proceeding with the implementation of new features. When we release the mod, we would like it to be as bug free as possible.

We are looking for developers

We are currently looking for an animator to assist Robin with his work. If you are interested, please take a look at this job ad:

We can still use a hand with the coding.
We have work for 2D artists (level design textures, general 2D design)
If you have questions regarding job positions, fell free to ask us at


sweet bug genies :D

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It's awesome to see that this mod is still in development. To be honest, I would get ready for when the GoldSrc Engine gets updated and made free(Not open source, but people will not have to buy half-life to use its mods) by the Sven-Coop team, it may open new ways of optimization and customization.

Again, good luck with the project, and have fun :)

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