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This is the story about Byzantian Janissaries Imperial Guard from Terra. (by my serbian friend Alex Popovic)

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Hello friends.
My friend from Serbia created a small story about Greatest Byzantian Janissaries regiments of Terra. I want to make a presentation of his text on this forum. This text is not contradict with background.

Byzantian Janissaries, order of the Imperial Army orifinaly serving with Luna Wolves, later renamed Sons of Horus. They were formed at Terra in the early years of 31'st millenium. And to them, like every other military faction of the newly formed Imperium, was given sacred task to again unify the Human race and opose the alien menace descending upon Mankind.
Recruted from plain of what once was East Europia and Russia the Byzantian Janissaries were regarded as excellent troops, very brave and recourcefull. They were attached as part of the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet together with Luna Wolves Legion and Legio Mortis Titan Legion. They fought bravely, lead by their commander Hektor Varvarus in the battle. Were the Luna Wolves ( later Sons of Horus ) go and conqer the Janissaries were there to support and hold the planet. Many worlds did they liberate, to much more they brought enlightement and Imperial Truth.
But the dark times were coming, it all started at Davin. A small Feral world where the might Primarch Horus was stuck down. Wounded and unconscious he spent some time in the great Serpent Lodge. From that point on, the whole thing changed. Everybody was noticing the change in the Primarch's behaviour, but none reacted. As always, the Janissaries continue to support the Legion and helped in conqering and securing many more worlds. It was over for the Byzantian Janissaries when their commander, Hector Varvarus, died in the end of Auretian war. It was discovered in autopsy that he was stuck down by Astartes bolter round, a price paid for staying loyal to the Emperor.
After his death the top ranking officer all swear their loyalty to their new Emperor: Horus. And together with Luna Wolves ( Horus again renamed his Legion after events at Isstvan III ) Byzantian Janissaries now helped Horus to ravage and burn planets that were liberated by their comrades earlier in the Great Crusade. But Luna Wolves, now combined with several other traitor Legions and full half of Adeptus Mechanicus, were far to much for regular Imperial forces to comprehend. So Byzantian Janissaries had little impact in the war. Over the time, seeing the deeds of Horus own Space Marines, killing and pillagin innocent population was even to much for them, they just waited a moment. Finalyl taht moment arrived after Horus was killed in Battle for Terra. Young Captain Petrovic took twenty of his most trusted men and killed all the officers of Byzantian Janissaries. HE then took command of the Janissaries and heavily fortified the planet. AS soon as fleeing Luna Wolves landed on planet to regroup they were attacked by Janissaries and after several days of long battle and heavy losses the traitor Marines retreated and Janissaries were proud that they redeem themselves. But it was to late.
With Emperor now on the Golden Throne and Legions deverted into Chapters the Byzantian Janissaries that survived the Heresy were also disbaned into several newly formed Imperial Guard Regiments. They never told about their betrayal, aldo they have been suspected by Inquisition. Who was ever more curious to how was Janissaries survived for not being a traitors but being under Horus banner? But without further evidence the Inquisition stoped looking at Janissers as they have became very efficient and loyal Guard Regiment.
Their latest activity was Macharian Crusade, were they helped brining thousands of worlds into Imperial domain. And even after their dark history, they remain loyal servants of the Emperor.

(by Alexandar Popovic)

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Very good man! Though if I may offer some constructive criticism. (From one writer to another)
1. The flow, as in some parts flow naturally, where other parts seem chunky and incomplete.
2. Proper spelling and punctuation, though to be honest I do the same thing, but if you want to be a professional you need to work on that. (English may not be your first language, and if not, than you can pretty much disregard this one.)
3. Using the correct word in the right circumstances, though sometimes I do this as well.
And to recap, if you work on these, than it will become GREAT, but all in all, this is still a spectacular story, one that I would like to see be the best it could be. If you have any questions, or if you would like to tell me off, feel free to shoot me a PM. :)

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jonathon2 - - 259 comments

Or if you would like to read any of my little short story excerpts that I have written, PM me and I will post a link as soon as I am able. Or you can look on my profile and go through the groups of Warhammer 40k that I am in, most are posted there. ;P

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BagaturKhan Author
BagaturKhan - - 7,952 comments

thanks man! ;)

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