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I've just finished my first round on Butterfly user interface. There will be some scoring mechanisms, thus I designed some contents to display the score

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In the Butterfly game, you would pick a level to complete it. There, you should harvest nectar by growing flowers

The game design needs scores to be displayed. You would try to do the best score

Butterfly, User Interface round 1, gameover screen Butterfly, User Interface round 1, in-game view

I did some work on my templates, and here are some basic UI elements to handle these primary needs :
- select level screen with saved "best score"
- in-game counters
- game over screen displaying current score and best score

I will make other iterations on the User Interface, but now I have to focus on the game. Thus, this test allows me to do some adjustments

The game mechanisms are not here, I prepare the work for the next steps ;) I have a nice chain/combo mechanism in my mind, more soon ;)

Here is a prototype ;)

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