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Hey, remember those things that were marked "Next Release". Well, It's time to clarify some things.

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Lightning Surge Power
Hailstorm 1, 2, and 3 Power
Disruptor Access (Rank 3)
Disruptor Tank

are those things starting to ring a bell? If so, Good, If not.. well, Welcome to our community. :)

Do not worry about not seeing those awesome things. When I tag something to be in the "Next Version", that simply means I add it to the To-Do list. So that's why you don't necessarily see it in the EXACT NEXT VERSION. However, I will quickly break down what each of these do.

Lightning Surge:
This is basically a weaker version of the Sith's Dark Side Storm (I may add some different Effects)

Hailstorm 1:
Disrupts a nearby severe thunderstorm to drop a very large hail stone at a target

Hailstorm 2:
Disrupt that thunderstorm even further to call in 2 large stones

Hailstorm 3:
Unleash the full power of the thunderstorm, calls in "Razor Hail - Very sharp Hail" and then THREE big Hailstones.

Disruptor Access
Allows Disruptor Tanks to be constructed

Disruptor Tank
GFA Scanner Tank, Armed with an EMP Cannon. Can Deploy Recon Scanners Freely and Every 2 minutes and 30 seconds, cloak a small area.

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