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This last week or so has been very busy for me. In the last week the mod has gone back into Private Beta,a lot of work has been done on Trials of Malvegil and the announcement of Pantheon.

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It's beta season again for Lone Wolf as I work tirelessly toward 0.35.
At the moment 0.35 is in private beta where it's getting a good looking over so you can expect a release soon.
Trials of Malvegil's production continues with the map evolving by the hour new landscapes added and changes made it is shaping up to be amazing.

I also announced a side project of Lone Wolf's Pantheon.
Pantheon is a mappers mod.
The mod will essentially be a resource for mappers to create more varied and unique maps.
The mod adds in special units and buildings customised for specific purposes.
Pantheon will be bundled with future Lone Wolf releases as well as released separately.

I'm looking for new mappers,coders,2d and 3d artists,beta testers and voice talents to join the production of Lone Wolf and Pantheon.

I'm looking for a new coder or two to coproduce Pantheon they'll be in charge of helping to get certain new objects coded and in game.
I'm looking for Mappers for WAR,Pantheon and Lone Wolf it self mappers will need sound worldbuilder skills with scripting knowledge a huge plus.
2D and 3D artists are needed for Pantheon to create some of the new art needed for the new objects.
I'm also on the lookout for Artists to create special art for use in loading screens etc.
I'm also looking for new beta testers,they will need to be thorough and have plenty of time to go through and hunt for bugs and balance issues.
As always I'm on the search for Voice Talent to voice for the mod it's self and Trials.
For the mod's voice acting I need just about every type of character voiced Dwarves,Elves,Hobbits,Men,Orcs,Trolls and lots of others.
For Trials of Malvegil the voice actors will not only record the usual RTS speech but also Dialogue for the map I'm looking for people to play the parts of Malvegil and various NPCs and Villains.

So if you are interested drop a line here or over at the forums and tell me why you are suited to the job.

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