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Just uploaded Soulblight demo to Indie DB! :D Besides that it was a very busy summer...

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Hey Everybody
Kuba from my next games here :) Ohhh how the time runs by. Just a moment ago it was June and now it's already September :) For us it was a busy summer. We've been showcasing our game at Chinajoy. And of course almost every week we've been posting new Soulblight update witch fitchers chosen by the community through the discord polls ( As I promised in my previous write up today I will summarize all the Soulblight improvements we've done during the past few months.

Before we go any further though I just uploaded Soulblight demo to Indie DB so if you want you can check it out yourself! :)

First of all we've add new weapons. We've been focusing on sabres and rapiers to increase the amount of equipment options available for faster characters.

We've also added new armor sets. Thous too were mostly designed for the faster characters. They might not offer a lot of protection but they are focused on bringing to the table additional utility in form of "passive damage" and "faster sneaking" special properties.

To allow further playstyle differentiation we've added new taints.

Besides new content we've also included some quality of life changes. To explain our basic mechanics better at the beginning of the game you will now encounter video tutorials :D

You no longer have to memorize all the taint icons. Before choosing personality the game will show you it's preview in form of the card.

Same thing applies to the transmutation. Your character can now learn the recipes found in the Sanctuary. Once memorized you can view them at any time in character info screen.

And last but not the least - the balancing changes :) One most worth mentioning is introduction of a "Parry" special property. Now wilders of equipment (like shields and spears) marked by this rule will have much easier time blocking the incoming attacks.

As I said quite a busy summer ;)

Cya around,

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