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A short demo video has been posted demonstrating Burnable trees assets (prefabs) created for the mappers.

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The short video demonstrate burnable trees in MP (this hasnt been done before in MP).

I created a number of assets (prefabs) that mappers can then place in their map created for the Vietnam Mod. Current models included:

  • foliage_dest_cod5_wheat_big
  • foliage_dest_oki2_banana_lrg
  • foliage_dest_pacific_banana_lrg
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms01
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms02
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms03
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms04
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms05
  • foliage_dest_pacific_palms06
  • foliage_dest_palmtree_tall_1
  • foliage_dest_tree_jungle_02
  • foliage_dest_tree_maple_01_large
  • foliage_dest_tree_pine_01_large
  • foliage_pacific_dest_fern01
  • foliage_pacific_dest_ground_cover01
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