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In this update we've put up a few pictures of the motel (WIP) and some music.

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So far:

- work on the maps has been going well, check the images section for some screenshots of the motel which is being made. We could still use additional help on the maps, just to get them done in a faster period of time. Also a new addition to the team - meathead - welcome aboard.
- sounds and music - awesome. Jengster has put in a lot of work on creating decent and atmospheric music and sound effects for the Motel. Check out a small sample that I've put up.
- voice acting - Folk has been doing the voice acting and made quite a progress. You'll hear from him in the final release.
- trailer - we are going to make a trailer really soon, thanks to Tribit and his 1337 video editing skillz dat killz.
- the story - we got a new story writer + character bio writer. Welcome aboard Alex - Klugamerik.
- overall the mod - looking great, it is actually playable as a mod, trough the Steam games list and so far it has about 20 minutes of gameplay. We still have a lot of work ahead of us.

In this update:
- 3 new WIP pics of the motel.
- bit of music.
- mod status.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support! Stay tuned.

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