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A quick summary of the work I've done recently. About 99%, if not all of it, has been towards building physics.

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+Added per-geometry texturing for buildings
+Added structural stability testing through percentage-check
+Fixed lots of performance bugs
-Fixed grenades sucking
-Rewrote shot-casting, it's more efficient now
-Rewrote tons of the player update loop. It's a lot less bogging now.

Upcoming plans:
+I'll be re-creating the class creation screen for several reasons:
1. To support armor customization
2. To support attachments for weapons
3. To be more informative
4. To look spiffier
5. To add support for customizing grenades, abilities, etc.
6. Because I don't like it how it is right now

+I've done some research and started learning animation in Blender. The problem is, since the weapons are procedural I have to animate them through code. Blender will be used to animate things like running/walking/jumping, etc. but most of the weapon animations will be done through code.

+I recently met someone that's interested in helping with audio effects. If all goes well, there may be the beginnings of sound.

+I'll be starting on basic scripting and gamemodes soon. I've already got K/D tracking added.

+After all of that is done and I have some free time, I... (help me lord) will be starting on AI.

That's all for now!

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