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This article outlines the expectations and functionality that will be added to the second public build of the editor.

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For those of you that are not aware the public release and nightly releases of the Building Blocks Level Editor has been released here:

Here are a couple of expectations for the second public build.
Below I have attached a list of main features that will be added in the next official build. As of now there is no set date but it will most likely be some time during the second week of July. It seems like a long time from now but a lot is going to be going in to this build. Once again, it is important that I get feedback from the testers and a picture of your bugs. This is essential to building the editor.

List of features:
- Custom Editor Engine with the editor to run maps in real time.
- Custom scripts to change run time properties for the built-in engine.
- Compiled maps will be added.
- GUI will be more flexible to add compatibility for all users.
- More fields will be added for entity fields.
- Entity scripts will be used in the next version.
- Shaders will be implemented to make maps more modern.
- Terrain will be added into the editor.
- On-screen features.
- OpenGL font will be added for on screen stuff.
- Bug fixes from the previous version.

If you have any other features you would like to add please post them in the suggestions section on our forum.

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