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This week we have our first pre-alpha trailer! Plus sidewalk destruction and a traffic system!

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We're pretty pumped to show off an early look video of Buildanauts and a prelude of what's to come.

Aside from myself putting together the trailer this week, Jeremy was busy with real-time, destructible sidewalks and roads with the jackhammer tool which you can see in the trailer.
In addition to the destruction, there was more animatio
ns to work on - specifically tool grabbing from the character's back-pouch which will be part of the player's inventory, equipping the jackhammer and working with the timers and more animation work on the character entering and exiting the trucks. There was also animation states to implement for the trucks, such as idle, character climb-on and climb-off, start, stop and much more.

We also tackled terrain slopes and how the roads and sidewalks behave with them which is no easy task working in a block-grid terrain system.

Speaking of roads, we started on the traffic system for the cars and pedestrians in Buildanauts. We're looking at simple pathfinding and nodes with our traffic and townsfolk here, nothing overly fancy. The pedestrians will avoid each other and sidewalk objects and the cars will follow the roads of course. Oh and the player will have the ability to place a dynamic crosswalk wherever they wish - so long as there's a sidewalk piece on each side of the road. :)

Finally, we've been implementing more awesome models from the very talented Mikel Baldock and awesome animations from the very talented Jp Self.

Shane & Jeremy

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