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This week we start at the very beginning of city prop placement. Take a look at the video and see how you can dress up your town with pretty things.

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In this exciting and rather exhilarating video, we introduce you to a very early look at city prop placement. Our UI design is obviously not in place yet in this clip, so you will be staring at placeholder graphics while we show you how you can place stuff in Buildanauts!

Just to reiterate on how prop placement fits into the grand scheme of things - you will need to have the funds in order to place props. How do you earn those funds? Well the most common way will be to keep building your city up; You'll be awarded for building new houses, stores etc. Hmm..but doesn't that sound like a catch-22?'ll be given a loan to start in which to carefully plan your town out. If you go overboard, you can always do side-jobs and challenges set out by the townsfolk to earn more cash. Digging around may just earn you money too.

Is this a time-management, grinding or free-to-play-waiting game in order to increase funds? The short answer is NO. We want to make this game as fun as possible, so if you're completely out of funds, we'll have numerous ways to earn more so you aren't limited.

Enough talking, here's the video and don't forget to vote for us on Greenlight:

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