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We take a look at painting the walls and floors in this latest pre-alpha build, as well as stairs and Unity 5.

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Note: You can now pre-order Buildanauts at a reduced price via our Humble Widget! This will give you pre-alpha-access in December, DRM free, steam key, cross-platform and all the updates up to the finish and onward. Most importantly you'd be supporting us so we can finish the development :)

On to the show! Hello and welcome to another dev diary update video.

We've been busy lately with prop placement, house painting, stairs and unity 5 upgrading - as well as countless other things that Jeremy can tell you about! ;)

We're still thinking about UI design and have started down the path of designing this. I'm hoping next week I can tweet a screenshot of a design to you folks.

Wall and floor colour will work by simply selecting a texture and then clicking where you want to fill, however at a later time we'll add the ability to click and drag a larger area to fill. As you can see, filling in walls works in vertical strips because of tiling and atlasing/performance reasons. And filling in floors works with squares. Eventually we'd like to allow players to upload their own textures for houses but at this point, we'll provide a lot to choose from.

Stairs are starting to come together and will work by selecting them in the UI, then mousing over an area where you want to place them. If the stairs can't connect/raycast to the proper start and finish points, you can't place them. So we have simple red-blue indicators in place for this. Your stairs will generate railings, too but those can be toggled off or on.

We've upgraded to Unity 5 beta and it's pretty sweet. We havent had a lot of time to play with it yet, except the new default shader. If you compare this video with any other dev video, you'll definetly notice a difference in the shading, shadows, bias, lighting, crispness and ...well everything!

Last week we received our Xbox One dev kit so thanks very much to the ID@Xbox folks for sending us that. The Xbox One will be the first console we port Buildanauts to next year after the desktop release.

The next video will most likely be showing off the stairs in action.


looks fun :D

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