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Some pretty new and exciting additions in the biggest update yet!

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This is definitely the biggest update yet for Project Stratosphere and I sure am excited about it. The addition of an Enemy AI not only makes the game more fun and more challenging, but also allows those without someone to play with still enjoy knocking opponents off and into the depths.

I know the AI is very simple at this point, but it is the first build of the AI (and also my first AI) so I promise I will optimize and improve this AI as long as I am updating this game.

I also changed the UI a bit for the next update which adds some true arcade aspects to the game is a surprise, but will not take long at all to implement.

On a last note, the changelog is in game for those who wish to see past and present updates. I am adding builds not only for the web player, but for standalone players for Windows, Mac, and Linux. As always, anyone is welcome to play. Please don’t forget to rate and comment. It really does help out. Also email me at or directly comment me or the game about any questions, concerns, or requests. Enjoy!

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