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We made it! We are happy to release our final pre-release build that contains many new gameplay adjustments.

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  • Miraj's Castle is now open! With this release, the entire game is available for play.
  • Upon defeating Miraj a new Epic mode is made available allowing you to send your Adventurers into any previous dungeon in the game with the monster level set to 55. This allows farming bosses for iLVL 55 Uniques! (possibly of Mythical quality!)
  • All new Tutorials have been added to the game to help new and old players alike! Disclaimer, some odd ones may fire for our seasoned EA players so please disregard. A new game ensures you receive the most up-to-date tutorials.
  • Achievements are in and obtainable! All Steam Achievements are now available in game on both PC and OSX. Please note that a few of these are not retroactive and may require starting a new game to complete.


  • Story Adventures are now received from their respective town NPCs.
  • Game years advance at a much faster rate now to allow for proper aging of Adventurers.
  • Manual encounter time decreased to 1 game hour each, down from 3.
  • Resting increased to 30 Endurance per game hour, up from 15. This allows a full Rest with Fast Forward when completing a dungeon and exiting with 300 Endurance left (before any Castle and University upgrades).
  • Seasons reduced to 24 hour intervals to address aging mechanic issues. Adventurers should age from 18-60 over the course of an average playthrough of dungeon farming and Fast Forwarding.
  • 4 more Party Presets are now available for a total of 8 in the Party scene.
  • Removed the pause after entering a room that had already been cleared. You may now quickly choose a new direction for travel.
  • Added the ability to sort the main Adventurer list by name, gearscore, class, and level.
  • Adventurers now complain about being low on Endurance while in dungeons.
  • Using the Defend skill now automatically triggers on the current Adventurer's turn without having to click the Adventurer.
  • Unique items now have the chance to roll Mythical stat bonuses and are prefixed with Mythical when dropped.
  • Item rewards and gold are now given for successfully completing dungeons.
    • Bonus gold is awarded for each Miniboss defeated.
    • Successfully defeating the Boss grants a Rare item reward, defeating the Boss and one Miniboss guarantees a Legendary item reward, and defeating the Boss and both Minibosses guarantees a Mythical item reward.
  • Un-equippable equipment now shows as red for the selected Adventurer if they are not eligible to equip it.
  • Monsters are now numbered to better understand which is attacking in what order.
  • The Fast Forward button changes to a Stop button when Active.


  • All dungeons now have a unique set of statues on both sides of the UI.
  • Hover text added to buildings in the University and Blacksmith.
  • Level-up visual effect added.
  • Gnomes now wear glasses.
  • Animations were added to many scenes, particularly the world map.
  • Jeff no longer has his old (really old) art in conversations and he's finally decided on a universal appearance.
  • Improved the Druid Grove and Mountain Pass Dungeon art.
  • Randomly generated tombstone epitaphs are now visible on Gravestones.
  • The Main Map button in the Dungeon now has its own art and is now called "World Map."
  • Many sprites and UI elements were cleaned up.
  • Edited the text on buttons and made the Auto Adventure scroll more intuitive.


  • Added more SFX.


  • Fixed a bug in Auto Adventures allowing Adventurers to survive even if sent into a Suicide rated Adventure.
  • Many other minor bug fixes than you could shake a Jeff at.
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