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Bugs that spawn dozen of enemies, supplex on monsters, virus directly on screen... no more excuse for not voting TBC on the THE INDIE OF YEAR 2014!

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The new ARENA MODES are running fine but we are still improving the gameplay a bit, with better bonus distribution and a better enemies selection.
We want to make them enjoyable and funny to play, with the idea that you can finish the mission but if you want to make a DECENT HIGHSCORE you really neat to push yourself and learn how to play.

Of course the use of the V-Blade is essential but there are different techniques to find out and learn that really helps. Like this ;) :

BUT this week we found also a "nice" LITTLE bug that makes the game re-spawing enemies when you die: the cycle was not stopped so any time you restarted after dying, a double number of monsters were created.
Take a look to this infected attack:

Ok, let's be honest: the bug was very hardcore and made the game really hard but also very funny because it let you make a higher combos, so more points, and because when you perform a good kill you receive bullets, if well played you could play a lot and kill tons of enemies - oh, I forgot to mention, the game modes are all against time but if you follow the mission ( = collect things with strategy) the length of the running time increases.
Sadly the bug has 2 major problems:

  1. it costs with a lot of enemies a frame rate drop, at least on old machines - no good because one of our goal is to run TBC smoothly also on old PCs
  2. after a bit you realize that finishing the mission with so many enemies was near impossible, and that makes the game frustrating - we sure want avoid rage-quit and frustration gameplay

SO we fixed the bug but it still gaves us 2 hours (ok, 3... :P ) of fun ^_^.
In last news I forgot to write the ARENA names and what's the purpose of any... here's a rapid recap:

  1. the first is called "d-Disk Data Collect", where you need to collect data-disks for having more time to kill the enemies.
  2. the second is "Altered Signal" , where you are loosing camera connection and you need to find batteries or a camera distortion will appear on screen
  3. the third mode is "Survive the Virus", where you are infected and you need to collect the vaccine. The more your energy goes down the more a "virus" overlay becomes visible, this one (made of different blood stains layers with some change on color mix effect and on the layers alpha):

In game with middle alpha/energy it looks like this:

I'm thinking to add some (more) holes in the alpha channel because maybe it becomes a bit to intrusive but I'm not sure. In any case it works well with the colors and the spots, it's just on very low level that it bothers me a bit.
Here the icons from the bonuses and stuff to collect:

and let me add that with have also added STEAM LEADERBOARDS but it's not public yet ;) - we are testing a bit before releasing it but I think it's just a matter of days.

And BEFORE remembering you to support us on the INDIE OF THE YEAR 2014 there is another news, that we are planning to release an UPDATED DEMO with one of the ARENA MODES, so you will be able to try 2 different game modes, the STORY MODE and ARENA MODE.

TKS for the support!
Please also spread the word and, if you have a Facebook account, why don't you follow us?



Translated and scheduled for tomorrow :D

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mrKaizen Author

No thank you, Caleb ;) Have a nice week end.

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Sweet :3

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