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BugFix release, just for online version. Binary packages will be updated with the next major release.

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W.Essense release v0.90a-bf
Play it online at

BUGS fixed:
[x] Resurrect procedure does not reduce night visibility radius anymore - was a bug, not a penalty for resurrection
[x] Quest items, characters and dragons should not overlap other quest item or player positions
[x] Autopath is cleared when crossing trapdoor/stairs
[x] Trapdoors sometimes had no matching stairs in Caves
[x] Underground monsters were allowed to spawn on stairs, which lead to game halt - not anymore
[x] Dark Elven Commander name was "Fighter"

New Features:
[x] Night Vision range equals to max( 3.0, ranged attack ) + 0.5, leading to sight increase for long-ranged units, e.g. Dwarven Thunderer. No more dark-corner sniping.
[x] Monsters, killed by Friendly and Charmed units will add XP to the player - now it makes sense to start as Mage
[x] Friendly units in a certain radius will automatically follow player to Caves and back, auto-placed somewhere near transition point

Balance tuning:
[x] Knight (the one with no ranged attacks) has 95% max armor, and +7 hp / turn
[x] Mage has slightly increased number of spells at start

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