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Unfortunately there were some pretty large bugs in the release of v1.2 that made it under the radar, but the fix is on the way.

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Regretfully there was a bug in the spawning code that caused there to be no spawning at all when no uncappable zones were used in a mission. Also I managed to track down a bug in the mortar control where a call for incoming mortars would go out but no mortars would fall because of a bug in the mortar target selection code.

I am working on fixing these bugs and adding a small tweak to the vehicle spawning code. It won't be long until I upload the fixed/tweaked template. If anyone has noticed these problems, a bug report would have been helpful in tracking down and fixing the problem. I'm happy to correct any issue you run into, but that's a bit difficult if I don't know what the issue is.

I would also like to extend a helping hand to anyone that's trying to make a mission with the template, but is running into issues. While the template contains everything you need to make a mission, it's not totally easy either. I'm happy to help.

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