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Update for bug fix ver. Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game.

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Bug fix list

  • Improvement of command management function Research progress was not displayed normally
  • A pacifist employee's mental deterioration has been reduced since he died in panic
  • The game was not able to go to the next day due to an error when the Abnormality appeared

  • The characteristic image of Rudol-ta of Sled appeared as an image of blessing trait
  • HP UI was displayed on the body of red shoes
  • All-Around Helper return to the containment room with the wrong animation after being suppressed
  • The hand that comes out of the special ability of Woman Facing the Wall remains in the containment room
  • Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary lost their weapons and could not move
  • When the blood of Big and Might be bad Wolf is small, the wolf continues to escape
  • The employee who was hanged by Tall bird was alive

  • Fixed a bug related to the White Night
    • The 12th Apostle did not wear the mask when the White Night appeared
    • When the Red shoes came into contact with the apostles, She tried to suppress them like a general employee
    • Removing the work of 12th Apostle except the confess
    • Problem with no change in mood value related to special work

If you have the same problem after updating, please send us an email referring to the link below.

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