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There is never a perfect release, is there? Well, at least not my last one, so here is something to fix it up!

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Short after releasing version 1.1 of the Level Editor, it came to my attention that some things were not working properly (or not working at all).
These problems were all connected to the Linking Tool in some way. For example, it was not possible to link buttons to objects such as Fans.
In order to fix these problems, I've uploaded a new version of the Editor (a complete version again, and not just a patch) which you can download from here:

The World of C'wbiau Editor v1.1.2


-== In the Game ==-
• Objects such as buttons and teleporters will now be destroyed if the tile beneath them is

Bugs and Performance:
• Fixed a problem with buttons not finding their targets.
• Fixed a problem that caused buttons only to be able to activate Tiles (such as Dispensers), and
not e.g. fans and teleporters.
• Fixed a problem that made it difficult (and highly illogical) to link buttons to fans.
• Fixed some collision problems with e.g. buttons.

-== In the Editor ==-
• When placing an image in a level, if the image is selected via the Browse button, it will be
previewed automatically.

Bugs and Performance:
• Some objects could not be selected by pressing the mouse-wheel on them.
• The File Chooser that is used when browsing for images does now show the supported image files
without duplicates.

With this I wish you a Happy New Year.
/ Komposten

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