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Some updates about : Missions, RC and more.

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Alright, so here we are again with the latest news about BT-LC.

So what do we have this time :

-Updated TimeCircuit code (everything should work better and faster now)
-RC Mode 1.5 (Updated Source Code)
-Hill Valley Back in Time Mission
-Real Minutes (Every minute In-Game lasts 60 seconds now)
-Getting out of RC Mode. (Press R again to leave RC Mode)
-RC Camera Updates.

We removed the tutorial and railroad due to being instable, but it will make it's reentrance in the next version except railroad, we save it for GTA V.

Also we made a new version of Hill Valley in 3DS MAX, which we will update when it's ready, so please don't ask for release dates, it's done when it's done. This is also the first time that I've modelled something, so don't expect it to be perfect.

The release date is set to : 1 December 2014.

Gamestudio's - Steff

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