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New info on the multiplayer we've been working on.

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So guys, first of all sorry for the long absence but we have been trying to make BTLC compatible with the multiplayer. We have most of it working but sometimes it doesn't work as we want so we are still fixing things and adding stuff. We are also looking into some new Hill Valley content for the next release and fixed more bugs (such as the lagging). We also looked into .SCO scripting (Which we need for console modding) and it's all possible so expect a console release.. and yes it is PS3 and Xbox360.
We can't say when, because we need to rewrite the whole mod which is okay but only going to take some time. note that the multiplayer possibly isn't going to work on PS3 and Xbox360.

*you need a jailbreaked device for this mod on PS3 & Xbox360 not for PC.
*To install select the whole content from the zip file, and extract it in the GTA IV directory

More info soon.



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