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You've seen the new FTL ability for BSG, now ill explain it some more....

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I uploaded a week or so ago a video showing off the new FTL ability for Battlestar.
Since then ive been able to code it in some more. And balance it a little. For those who are thinking WTF are u talking about heres the video

Videos & Audio - Sci-Fi at War Mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption - Mod DB

Heres how ive decided to balance it. It was meant to be select units. But since BSG has no shields ive decided to use this as there sort of shield. I know Starship Troopers also has no shields. Ill figure that out later. But heres how I've balanced it all in.

Tier 1 - Cygnus Class - 30 second recharge, 1000 jump distance
Tier 2 - Tiger Class- 35 second recharge, 2000 jump distance
Tier 3 - Max Class- 40 second recharge, 3000 jump distance
Tier 4 - Talos Class - 45 second recharge, 4000 jump distance
Tier 4s - Defender Class - 45 second recharge, 4000 jump distance
Tier 5 - Minerva Class - 50 second recharge, 5000 jump distance
Tier 6 - Attackstar - 55 second recharge, 6000 jump distance
Tier 7 - Valkyrie Class - 60 second recharge, 7000 jump distance
Tier 8 - Avark Class - 65 second recharge, 8000 jump distance
Tier 8s - Columbia Class - 65 second recharge, 8000 jump distance
Tier 9 - Bezerk - 70 second recharge, 9000 jump distance
Tier 10 - Hades Class Basestar - 75 second recharge, 10000 jump distance
Tier 11 - Mercury Class Battlestar - 80 second recharge, 11000 jump distance
Tier 12 - New Basestar - 85 second recharge, 12000 jump distance
As for the heroes, they are the same distance as the normal units, the difference is the recharge time. 10% less than the normal ones.
Hero Tier 1 - Starbuck - 30 second recharge, 5000 jump distance (because shes so fast jumping something like 500 is pointless)
Hero Tier 3 - Apollo - 25 second recharge
Hero Tier 4 - Kendra - 40 second recharge
Hero Tier 5 - Adama - 54 second recharge
Hero Tier 6 - Cain - 63 second recharge
Hero Tier 7 - John - 70 second recharge

The fighters and bombers wont have the FTL ability. And as far as ive seen the AI doesn't use it either. Ill try and make them use it, but no promises.

So thats how itll work
I might have a hot patch later. Including a re-worked armor set and this ability. But no promises.

PS - For those who like Stargate Atlantis, im working on a Season 6 fanfic, its on my personal page. Enjoy


wow you are thinking of everything but if you are going to do this you have to make some small mods so we have somthing to do when we are waiting for the full mod to be finish. and I se you have one but I missing the shooting noices :P like replicator have no sound on the weapons miss that

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I don't know if its possible, but perhaps some sort of emergency evacuation that launches extra fighters when the ship is destroyed? Not sure if that s possible, or if that would really balance it with warp abilities. But its a thought at any rate. Also will trek faction warp function see a reboot with this?

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh, the trek warp is on the way out, since the AI ***** me to tears with it lol

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