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Brutal Nature 0.62 released with new vendor NPC's, a ton of new weapon models including axes for cutting down trees. Also an improved electrical system featuring batteries and switches!

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Brutal Nature 0.62 released with new vendor NPC's, a ton of new weapon models including axes for cutting down trees. Also an improved electrical system featuring batteries and switches!

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Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added 7 new weapon models.
  • Added Batteries to store electrical energy in.
  • Added Switches to turn electricity on/off to parts of the electrical grid.
  • Added 2 new human models for the vendors to use. There are 2 types of vendors for the moment and they sell totally different items.
  • Added a persistent 'Server disconnected' notice in the middle of the screen when you get disconnected.
  • Added script command to open the vendor GUI on the client.
  • Added script callback for NPC's when interacted with
  • Added Human NPC vendors who roam the island selling different things via script.
  • Added Human NPC's.
  • Added generic traits for weapons. Each trait has a name, level and power.
  • Added ability to specify the trait required to harvest an object. You can also specify what level is required to harvest an object so that some objects can not be harvested by hand anymore.
  • Added Axes with "Chopping" trait for bonuses when cutting down trees.
  • Added NPC's attack animations and attack delay has been changed to depend on the animation played.
  • Added ability for NPC's to interact with each other based on faction. Some NPC's will attack others on sight, while only attacking others if they are hungry. some NPC's run away from other NPC's.
  • Electrical system Rewrite. Generators can now be wired to each other on the electrical grid and will share loads. Loads can also be wired to each other directly without the use of junction boxes.
  • Made axes required to cut down the largest trees.
  • Improved keyboard layout
  • Left/Right mouse button now are swapped correctly when that option is enabled in windows.
  • Particle effects now use the main shader instead of their own unique shader.
  • NPC's can now eat world objects when hungry. NPC's only eat the objects they are assigned as edible in the faction that NPC belongs to.
  • Optimized CPU usage of NPC behavior.
  • Tweaked inventory crafting screen to look a little better.
  • Improved mod script save/load functionality to handle mods being added/removed without corrupting the save game.
  • Increased amount of food from berry bush by 200%
  • Fixed color of Radar blips.
  • Fixed Normal maps appearing on weapons that did not have them.
  • Fixed Particle effect lighting. Now particles can be lit or unlit based on script settings.
  • Fixed Wires to be properly lit by lighting effects.
  • Fixed bug where dropping your currently equipped weapon did not cause it to disappear from your hands.
  • Fixed some light sources not producing light when you logged in while they where on.
  • Fixed bug where -0 was causing ray trace function to produce incorrect results and take much longer then it should.
  • Fixed Gamma of screen clear color so it properly matches the skybox again.
  • Fixed bug where NPC animations where playing at 2x speed.

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