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Brutal Nature 0.58 released with larger voxels and much higher performance.

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Brutal Nature 0.58 released with larger voxels and much higher performance.

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Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added description to all Cases and Case Dies.
  • Added chunk cache system.
  • Added 'take all' button to amount dialog menus.
  • Added distance limit to cube editing mode.
  • Added larger fonts to better support 4k resolution.
  • Added helpful error message when trying to place material with none selected.
  • Added shift click edit mode for cube mode.
  • Added GetConfigInt/Bool/Float to gScript so scripts can now read the server.cfg file.
  • Added translation system. You now should be able to install/remove mods, items, etc without corrupting saves.
  • Changed voxels to be 2x size of previous versions.
  • Changed voxel preview box to be slightly bigger so it does not flicker when on top of cube mode.
  • Changed how voxels are meshed to help prevent some voxels turning into a super thin line that is near impossible to see.
  • Changed Handles to be easier to cast in bulk and require 20% as much heat to cast and forge.
  • Changed movement code. Climbing stairs now works much better.
  • Changed voxel branch processing to spread out over multiple frames. Branch processing is abandoned after CPU time exceeds 10mS for the frame and continued on the next frame.
  • Changed Money to be an item, so it can be dropped, put into chests and traded between players.
  • Optimized chunk loading.
  • Optimized chunk upload to the video card.
  • Improved the descriptions for some items.
  • Increased Material recovered per voxel by 100%
  • Increased Endurance to mine voxels by 100%
  • Increased amount of dirt and sand to make mud bricks.
  • Increased frequency of Hematite deposits.
  • Crafting recipes you can make any of now show up as orange.
  • Reduced Wood Planks and Stone Brick terrain materials to mining level 2
  • Sperrylite and Chalcopyrite moved to forest biome. Pyrite moved to beach biome.
  • Fixed C and Shift+C to work for cubes.
  • Fixed bug where some terrain vertices where not being used for collision.
  • Fixed cubes not casting shadows.
  • Fixed lighting to work again after voxel rescale.
  • Fixed underground NPC spawning to work with the new voxel world.
  • Fixed bugs relating to mining with the new voxel world.
  • Fixed buttons being 16 pixels too wide on the right side.
  • Fixed bug where a low viewing distance could cause all objects to not render.
  • Fixed bug when replacing a larger cube with a smaller one.
  • Fixed bug where hInstance was not being passed to window code.
  • Fixed button hit zone.
  • Fixed containers holding small quantities that appeared as 0.
  • Fixed bug relating to quest audio being removed from audio validation list by quest end when it should have just been callbacks being cleared.
  • Fixed bug when editing cubes on render chunk boarders.
  • Fixed tutorial weapon select stage to respond to number hotkeys as well as mouse wheel.
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