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Brutal Nature 0.54 released with new modding tools, Bow with Explosive and rope arrows!

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Brutal Nature was accepted this month on Steam Greenlight! Thanks everyone for voting for us!

Download Brutal Nature today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.54

Want to learn how to mod Brutal Nature? Check out our Modding Tutorials. Brutal Nature automatically downloads any mods a client needs when they connect to your server so what are you waiting for? Mod Brutal Nature today!

This month we have included the new tools, Rainforge and Smsher.

Rainforge lets you generate new maps for Brutal Nature. All you need to do is replace Tools\Data\Textures\ with a new height map. You can seed some sediment (aka soil) on the map by editing and initial water levels with

Then run the program it will run a fluid erosion algorithms over the height map to generate rivers, sediment deposits and erode the initial height map into something that looks natural in only seconds thanks to GPU acceleration. It will store the results as .dds files for the Brutal Nature server to generate a new map from. The files names are, and

These files are in 32bit floating point format, single channel.

Copy those files to your Brutal Nature servers 'Data\Private\Noise Sources' directory.
Delete or move SaveMap.dat and SavePlayers.dat from servers 'Data\Private' directory if they exist to force map regeneration and start server. A new map based on the 3 files from rainforge will be generated. Note that map generation may take 20 minutes due to generation of tunnels. if you disable generation of tunnels in server.cfg make sure to disable underground NPC spawning too by editing data\shared\npcs\ and setting "const int NPCCountTunnel = 0;"

Here is a video of it in action. Red is the height map height, Green is sediment depth and blue is water depth.

Too fast for you? Yea, that is just how fast it happens with GPU acceleration. The CPU based version that I made before this took 30 minutes! here are some screenshots of the process starting with the initial height map:

And now for the release news:

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added Smsher, the Brutal Nature model conversion program.
  • Added Rainforge to the Brutal Nature Installer. Rainforge is the GPU accelerated terrain heightmap fluid erosion generator for Brutal Nature.
  • Added Bows and arrows.
  • Added explosive arrows.
  • Added rope arrows.
  • Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Sword.
  • Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Knife.
  • Added armor to Black Bears, Grizzly bears and Spiders.
  • Added MRE's to treasure chests.
  • Added frame limiter setting to Brutal Nature.cfg for when the game is in the login menu to prevent excessive GPU usage.
  • Added better error reporting when client quits due to port already bound or mods fail to load.
  • Added additional info on metal shapes on how to make the parent metal.
  • Added server name to mouseover text for server icon.
  • Added exception to for German locales to not bind VK_OEM_3, Used for ~ on English keyboards but Ö (O with umlaut) on German keyboards.
  • Added NPC's armor stats mPiercingArmor and mBluntArmor.
  • Added mGoreHP, to determine when a dead NPC is turned into gore. Default level will be twice the previous gore level.
  • Changed size of fire brick recipe to 1.
  • Changed recipe capacity of small kiln to 20 and kiln to 100.
  • Changed color of Player built chests to a stylish blue color to differentiate them from spawned treasure chests.
  • Changed how grapple works. It now depends on the ammo subtype instead of the weapon. This was done to support rope arrows being fired from normal bows.
  • Changed how explosives work when the projectile impacts the target. Now explosives that impact the target directly always give 100% damage and result in piercing damage instead of blunt. The damage also gain any armor piercing and piercing damage multiplier bonuses of the projectile. This should make small high explosive projectiles much more effective and allow different types of explosive projectiles.
  • Changed color of advanced smelter, electric smelter and bessemer converter so you can tell them apart
  • Changed color of bonfires a darker color to distinguish them from camp fires.
  • Merged Camp Fire Light and Camp Fire functionality.
  • Renamed Edible mushroom to Mushroom
  • Removed melee weapons ability to damage materials with a mining level of 3 or higher.
  • Removed grapple pistol from starting equipment.
  • Increased underground spawns by 30%
  • Increased Covellite vein thickness by 20%
  • Increased Rock salt veins thickness by 50%
  • Increased price of Coke and Charcoal to 5.
  • Increased damage of knives slightly.
  • Increased prices of Chromium, Chromium Oxide, Sodium Chromate, Sodium Vanadate, Ammonium Vanadate, Vanadium Pentoxide, Ferrochromium, Vanadium by 100%.
  • Increased most pickaxes durability.
  • Increased Ammo box size by 20% to make finding them easier.
  • Increased size of bonfires.
  • Increased fuel capacity of basic smelter to 20.
  • Increased calcium oxide used in Mortar to 0.1
  • Increased calcium oxide used in Refractory Mortar to 0.1
  • Increased fuel capacity of small bonfire.
  • Increased number of fire bricks needed for most buildings.
  • Reduced chance of finding ammo/weapons in treasure chests to 20%
  • Reduced heat used for making copper wire to 0.5.
  • Reduced heat for electric motor to 0.5.
  • Reduced price of Flint to 0.5.
  • Reduced price of Plant Fiber to 0.5.
  • Reduced charcoal needed in Steel cementation recipe to 0.25
  • Reduced calcium carbonate used in blast furnace to make pig iron by 50%
  • Reduced kaolin needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
  • Reduced heat needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
  • Reduced Black Bears, Grizzly bears and spiders HP slightly.
  • Reduced pickaxe weight by 50%.
  • Reduced knife weight by 50%.
  • Reduced Cassiterite veins thickness by 30%.
  • Fixed bug where scoped weapons where using the wrong endurance to attack values.
  • Fixed bug where players ammo dropped on death could end up under ground.
  • Fixed bug where entering wiring mode was crashing the X64 build of the game client.
  • Fixed bug where users could see objects load before the terrain did.
  • Fixed strange movement behavior when using x64 build of client.
  • Fixed typo in error messages.
  • Fixed bug where smelters would run out of fuel shortly before they are done cooking.
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