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Brutal Nature 0.53 released with new Avatars, rebalanced recipes, pickaxe material levels and more!

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Brutal Nature 0.53 released with new Avatars, rebalanced recipes, pickaxe material levels and more!

Brutal Nature was accepted this month on Steam Greenlight! Thanks everyone for voting for us!

Download Brutal Nature today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.53

Want to learn how to mod Brutal Nature? Check out our Modding Tutorials. Brutal Nature automatically downloads any mods a client needs when he connects to your server so what are you waiting for? Mod Brutal Nature today!

Below are the two new avatars for paying users, You bought the game so here is something just for you!

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Now including 64 bit Client/Server. 32 bit versions are also included postfixed with x32.
  • Added new avatar: Deon
  • Added new avatar: Jeff
  • Added new avatar: Wilson.
  • Added animation retargeting to model converter. Now I can import avatars with different body proportions.
  • Added mining levels to pickaxes, Now some materials need higher levels pickaxes to mine.
  • Added durability lost to pickaxes while mining.
  • Added mineral Corundum. Second hardest mineral known to man, it will require tool steel pickaxes to mine.
  • Added MRE's, also known as 'Meal, Ready-to-eat", changed starting inventory food to MRE's.
  • Added a second rock salt region with thicker deposits spawning deeper down.
  • Changed many prices.
  • Changed food to restore food stat over 1 second instead of several seconds.
  • Changed mining to give you an adjustable amount of material per voxel, default will be 1/64th.
  • Changed how inventory screen displays quantities and prices to be more consistent.
  • Moved Chromite to forest biome.
  • Increased max power for electrolysis cell by 100%
  • Increased power for recipes that make hydrogen by 100%
  • Increased tool cost of MK108 by 100%
  • Increased materials used by Rifle Receiver
  • Increased endurance from endurance potions by 100%.
  • Reduced mining speed by 50%. Massive overhaul to recipes to re-balance for these changes.
  • Reduced viewing range to 400 feet by default.
  • Reduced size of cast handle recipe by 50%
  • Reduced wood harvested from trees by 100 fold.
  • Reduced size of forge handle recipe by 50%
  • Fixed bug where melee weapons did not lose damage with condition.
  • Fixed bug where text could go a little too far to the right before line wrapping.
  • Fixed bug when you hold down alt and press control you could be left in a state where you could not chat anymore until you pressed control again.

I haven't downloaded yet, but I will now, I love the realistic look.

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I keep meaning to try this out

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