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Brutal Nature 0.52 released with new Avatars, Barter menu, food spoilage and more!

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Brutal Nature 0.52 released with new Avatars, Barter menu, food spoilage and more!

Brutal Nature is also now on Steam Greenlight! check it out and vote for us!
Download it today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.52

Want to learn how to mod Brutal Nature? Check out our Modding Tutorials. Brutal Nature automatically downloads any mods a client needs when he connects to your server so what are you waiting for? Mod Brutal Nature today!

Below are the two new avatars for paying users, You bought the game so here is something just for you!

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added two new avatars: Danny and Maria
  • Added Barter Menu
  • Added Script based vendor inventory system.
  • Added Poison Gland, can be harvested from spiders.
  • Added Endurance Potion made from mushrooms and poison glands.
  • Added food spoilage. Meats now turn into spoiled meat with time and spoiled meat will slowly disappear from your inventory on its own. Mushrooms and berries also spoil. Cooked meats spoil slower then uncooked meats.
  • Added new walking sound for NPCs.
  • Added prices to items.
  • Added durability display in armor/weapon info.
  • Added per weapon and per armor durability settings.
  • Added Cash to personal stats menu.
  • Added NPC stand off distance. This is the distance NPCs will stand away from their target.
  • Added NPC attack range setting for each NPC.
  • Added a viewing angle limit for NPCs so they can't see behind them.
  • Added settings in server.cfg to limit sidestep and backwards movement speed.
  • Added weight to food.
  • Added context text when cross-hairs are over camp fire lights.
  • Added a hematite biome for medium size veins at medium depths.
  • Increased deep hematite veins thickness.
  • Increased HP of boars by 50%
  • Re-recorded the first tutorial quests voice over with a new microphone.
  • Removed clothing from the game as it didn't seem to be fulfilling much of a purpose right now.
  • Reduced time to roast meat to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced time to make mud bricks to 60 seconds.
  • Reduced distance walking sounds can be heard by 50%
  • Reduced backwards and sidestep movement speed.
  • Reduced Boar speed by 30%
  • Reduced food used by endurance regeneration by 60%.
  • Reduced food recovered from food items by 50%
  • Reduced meat from boars by 30%.
  • Reduced aggro range of boars by 30%.
  • Reduced size range for NPCs.
  • Reduced size of grizzly bears slightly.
  • Reduced Berry bush spawn by 80%.
  • Reduced mushroom spawn by 50%.
  • Reduced bauxite spawn at surface by 50%.
  • Reduced lead spawn by 50%.
  • Reduced pyrite veins thickness.
  • Limited player spawn to Z levels below 150 to prevent spawning on sky structures.
  • Fixed armor going to negative condition.
  • Fixed Personal stats menu to display armor resistances taking into account current armor condition.
  • Fixed gScript.AddPeriodicScript to use the period given.
  • Fixed double click to only be triggered if the mouse had not moved much since last click.
  • Fixed Avatar menu to closes after picking an avatar.
  • Fixed bug in the NPC spawning routine that could cause the server to crash.
  • Fixed Account menu to close when you connect to a server.
  • Fixed Tree List to respond to double clicks correctly.
  • Fixed bug where double clicking some categories could result in unexpected recipes being selected
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