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Brutal Nature 0.50 released with Avatar selection and animations!

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Brutal Nature 0.50 released with Avatar selection and animations!

Brutal Nature is also now on Steam Greenlight! check it out!
Download it today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.50

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added two avatars.
  • Added avatar Selection menu.
  • Added run, idle and jumping animations for players.
  • Added a new scripting function (gMaterials.RecipeMakes) to check if a recipe makes a certain item.
  • Added new shader for displaying models in the GUI.
  • Optimized the vertex upload of terrain data, game play should be much smoother as the map loads now.
  • Changed flashlight effect to not illuminate so much around the player when in use.
  • Changed script function that add weapons to support weapons with different conditions.
  • Changed Weapons spawned in crates to have lower condition to promote making your own weapons.
  • Changed Cassiterite to be darker so it would stand out more.
  • Changed model loader slightly to make reusing of animations easier.
  • Improved world download speeds.
  • Removed shortcut in basic tools quest that checked if you had a hammer since you can now get hammers from chests instead of crafting them.
  • Reduced health damage from eating uncooked boar meat and mushrooms.
  • Fixed NPC's, wiring, etc from being visible past terrain viewing range as the world downloads.
  • Fixed bug in recipes using bronze shapes.
  • Fixed bug in recipes using 'Wood Ash'
  • Fixed explosive weapons to use correct bounding box for animated NPC's and avatars.
  • Fixed bug where treasure chests with nothing in them could spawn.
  • Fixed bug relating to mouse not updating its center position if the user moved the window.
  • Fixed bug where NPC's could appear backwards at times.
  • Fixed some more bugs in the FBX animation export code.

Looking good, the grapple feature looks really fun. Keep up the good work!

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Parece promissor

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