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Brutal Nature 0.49 released with more NPCs and ores!

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Brutal Nature 0.49 released with more NPCs and ores!

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Brutal Nature 0.49

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added two new high quality animated models: a Boar and a Black Bear.
  • Added 100% more surface kaolin deposits.
  • Added tracking of crafting to stats menu.
  • Added tracking of melee/projectile deaths and decided how I want to add in additional stats.
  • Added armor info to the stats menu.
  • Added sound when attempting to fire weapon with no ammo.
  • Added Armor condition. Armor blocks less damage when below 50% condition.
  • Added Melee weapon damage reduction with condition below 33%.
  • Added chance of failure to fire to weapons under 33% condition. Added reduced muzzel velocity effect when projectile weapons are under 33% condition.
  • Added weapons to have additional projectile spread below 30% condition, with additional spread increasing linearly from 0 at 30% up to several times the base weapon spread at 0% condition.
  • Added saving/loading of gun condition on server.
  • Added zinc ore Smithsonite.
  • Added Cassiterite ore.
  • Added metal Tin and Zinc.
  • Added alloys Bronze and Brass.
  • Added Bronze armor, pickaxe, knife and sword.
  • Added bronze bars, plates, etc.
  • Added recipes to cast and forge bronze at the basic forge.
  • Added 15 character limit for user names.
  • Added weapon condition that degrades with use. Default is 0.1% degrade per shot, or 1000 shots per weapon.
  • Added Chrome-moly steel armor and Tool Steel armor.
  • Added hammers and saws to treasure chests.
  • Changed basic chemistry table to need wood instead of wood boards to reduce the difficulty to make it.
  • Changed melee weapons to work underwater.
  • Changed Projectiles to pass through water but with much increased drag, making projectile weapons ineffective past a few feet due to reduced damage.
  • Changed category of many materials like mortar, wood boards, casting sand, etc to 'Building Material'.
  • Changed category of Drill to 'Tools'.
  • Changed category of Quick Lime and Calcium Hydroxide to 'Chemical'.
  • Changed cartridges to need Brass to be made.
  • Changed ammo types to produce a different number of cartridges per case die and table batch depending on case caliber.
  • Changed the Saltpeter and Cerussite texture so that they stand out more.
  • Changed npc pathing to prevent NPC's from becoming so easily stuck in things.
  • Changed client to reads windows double click time setting and uses that for the GUI instead of 0.2 seconds.
  • Renamed Potash to Potassium Carbonate.
  • Renamed Quick Lime to Calcium Oxide.
  • Reduced health regeneration to 50%
  • Reduced food from berries.
  • Reduced amount of Sulfur dioxide produced by 'Sulfur Dioxide from Pyrite' by 50%.
  • Reduced size of pyrite veins by 50%.
  • Reduced Tools required to produce guns to 50%.
  • Reduced Tools consumed to produce guns to 60%.
  • Removed health restore from roast meat and berries.
  • Removed particle effect when mining water.
  • Increased oak tree size.
  • Increased the amount of thin kaolin veins near the surface.
  • Increased amount of pyrite needed in 'Sulfuric Acid from Pyrite' recipe by 100%.
  • Increased hammers needed to make higher end pickaxes.
  • Increased tools to make Higher end receivers and barrels.
  • Optimized the animation system
  • Fixed underground NPC's rising to the surface.
  • Fixed player model not loading the correct textures.
  • Fixed revolvers not needing a barrel or receiver to be made.
  • Fixed typos in 'Wrought Iron from Pig Iron' recipe.
  • Fixed bug where pressing escape with the quit confirm menu open would leave the GUI in an invalid state.
  • Fixed a bug where the server could run out of memory due to a ray vs voxel collision check going on forever.
  • Fixed bug when logging onto a server, NPC's killed before you logged on appeared as alive.
  • Fixed backward text on ammo box.

Looks good. You have a lot of competition in this genre though!

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BlackMoons Author

Yep, but each has their own take on the issues of survival. I am trying for more complexity and realism in the crafting system, as well as decent gun action.

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