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Brutal Nature has released version 0.34! New GUI, Stats, NPCs and tons more!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.34!

Also announcing we are going to hold a 'meet and beat the developer' event!

On Friday, 20th, at 6pm PST/ 9pm EST, I will be playing on the public servers where you can ask me questions and engage in PVP combat. Can you best the developer at his own game? Find out!

Download it today and give it a try!

0.34 screenshots
0.34 screenshots
0.34 screenshots
0.34 screenshots
0.34 screenshots0.34 screenshots B0.34 screenshots B0.34 screenshots B0.34 screenshots B0.34 screenshots B0.34 screenshots

Change Log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Redid most of the GUI and HUD.
  • Added GUI glass effect behind GUI.
  • Added GUI glass effect to login screen.
  • Added a stats page that shows player kill/deaths, NPC kill/deaths, other deaths, amount mined and time played. Stats are displayed for lifetime, round and last round.
  • Added a new ammo caliber: 7.62x54mmR.
  • Added machine guns: SG-43 Goryunov, Degtyaryov MG, PKM MG.
  • Added sniper rifles: PSL, Dragunov SVU, Dragunov.
  • Added rifles: Mosin-Nagant, Mosin Carbine, AVS-36. Now 59 Weapons total!
  • Added new NPC: Boar
  • Added mining stats when you exit edit mode.
  • Added Tree respawn. Added kill/death and mining stats menu.
  • Added radar beacon that you can turn on/off when you wish to show up on other peoples radar.
  • Added usable items: Boar meat, Roast boar meat and Boar bacon.
  • Added Boar hide.
  • Added food/endurance/health icons next to respective bars.
  • Added 'GUI Alpha Open' and 'GUI Alpha Closed' settings to Brutal Nature.cfg
  • Added mouse acceleration in the GUI.
  • Added following settings to Brutal Nature.cfg: 'GUI Mouse Sensitivity' by request of a user. 'Flip Vertical Mouselook' by request of a user. 'GUI Mouse Acceleration', 'GUI Mouse
  • Acceleration Min', 'GUI Mouse Acceleration Max', 'GUI Mouse Acceleration Filter Time'
  • Added GUI color settings to Brutal Nature.cfg.
  • Added logging of events that occur to world objects.
  • Added background to health bars.
  • Added a slight smoothing to the camera Z position.
  • Added User.IsAdmin() function to script engine by request of a user.
  • Added sound for object pickup.
  • Added 'Server Binding Address' setting to Server.cfg for servers with more then one network adapter.
  • Added attack damage/speed settings to NPC script.
  • Added a scrolling/fadein GUI effect.
  • Added a divider bar between the HUD and GUI area.
  • Changed login screen background.
  • Compiled shaders are now saved and reuse those if available. Startup time reduced from 8 seconds to about a half second.
  • Designed a new font subsystem so the GUI works better at different resolutions.
  • Smoothed out normals on bear model.
  • Made health bars more 3d
  • Made a new icon for the game/server based on the website favicon.
  • Moved NPC spawning to a script so now new enemies can be easily added.
  • Moved scan/context text to new HUD window.
  • Moved console say text to GUI window.
  • Moved the GUI over to a render to texture setup.
  • Redid the graphics for the buttons and tree controls.
  • Resized radar to fit new GUI.
  • Reduced bear jumping slightly by request of a user.
  • Status effects are now cancelled when you die.
  • Increased heat used by Hematite to Pig Iron (Reverberatory) recipe to 150% while decreasing fuel quality to 40 so bituminous coal could be used directly.
  • Increased 7.62x51mm gunshot volume.
  • Lowered default music volume
  • Lowered fuel usage of Advanced Smelter to 0.5.
  • Lowered fuel capacity of Blast Furnace and Large Blast Furnace to 25% to reflect how much was needed for a single cycle.
  • Lowered marble requirements for blast furnace refining of hematite to pig iron to 25%.
  • Lowered quick lime requirements for Bessemer converter pig iron to steel recipe to 25%.
  • Lowered marble spawning by 1/2 and increased wolframite spawning to 150%.
  • Lowered amount of abrasive needed to resharpen dull HSS tools to 50%.
  • Tweaked edit box to respond better at different resolutions.
  • Tweaked Shift+C to also close help menu.
  • Tweaked font code to display fonts properly at other resolutions.
  • Tweaked the region generation code
  • Tweaked a few control positions.
  • Fixed incorrect fire rate of MKA-1919
  • Fixed a crash when reloading after having run out of the ammo type in your weapon.
  • Fixed bug that prevented longest server frame time from displaying on stats page.
  • Fixed Thompson SMG fire rate from 450RPM to 650RPM.
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