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A review of the next update of brutal doom, which looks to be pretty good

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Brutal doom, has had a very checkered history. And by checkered I mean the mod has had some major issues. And I am glad to say that mark4 has finnally fixed several of the main glaring bugs in the new release of brutal doom v20b. No longer can you quickly kill barons of hell, and even cyber demons with shotgun head shots. As well as some minor AI issues with allied space marines. Also he finally managed to get a very balanced and tight weapons system, where every weapon fits into a pretty specific role, sans the single barreled shotgun. The weapons feel satisfactorily punchy, and the new kick looks great. The dual wielding weapons is fun, as it channels Wolfenstien the New Orders weapons Overall the weapons are good, the gore is well..... still the gore, nothing much to say on that front.

Now onto the maps, oh the maps. The maps are awesome, they flow well and they are extremely fun to play, even though the difficulty is rather high. The early maps, do feel a lot like a horror game with the dark areas, and good pacing of enemies. The maps are highly re playable, and i recommend them to people who just like good, atmospheric doom levels, as using mark4s mod is not required to play the brutal v20b starter pack levels. As i don't really want to spoil too much the whole map pack, but here is a summary of some of the levels in the mod.

Maps 01-10, or episode 1 "hell on mars"

The levels are styled after the original episode of doom 1, and follow the story line of the original knee-deep in the dead. The maps contain several advanced gzdoom features such as dynamic lights and 3d floors.

Screenshot Doom 20151229 165342

Overall if i had to score this, i would give episode 1 a 9.5 out of 10, as mark 4 has a lot of texture issues on several levels in episode 1, but the level design is top grade.

Maps 11-20 or episode 2 "the Battle for Los Angeles"

These maps are really where the strength of the map pack shows. You go into some of the best city levels Ive ever seen. The massive battles in this episode do create a strong middle portion.

Screenshot Doom 20151229 165853

Overall if i had to score this, i would give episode 2 a 11 out of 10, as these levels are completely f@cking awesome. These levels are like playing more maps by John Romero.

Maps 21-30, or Episode 3 "Descent into Darkness"

These are some great hell maps, but after the great levels of episode two, the levels feel like a bit of a let down. The difficulty is getting extremely high and feel like battles of attrition. The architecture is good still. I recommend dropping the difficulty down to play this.

Screenshot Doom 20151229 170019

Overall if i had to score this, i would give episode 3 a 8.7 out of 10, as the levels are fun, but wear on your nerves after a while. It does feel hellish, and like a journey to kill the icon of sin.

The last thing I have to say is the wolfenstien level is one of the best Wolfendoom styled levels, only surpassed by tormentor 667s the blade of agony. Overall i think its something that you would not want to pass up, as even if you do not like mark4s brutal doom mod, the maps are completely compatible with other weapon mods and plain old standard doom game play. Final score 9.8 out of 10.

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AllfatherofWalrus - - 87 comments

An unnecessary review with poorly written grammar.

Also spoils the Starter Pack.

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demo_the_doomer Author
demo_the_doomer - - 76 comments

I will try harder next time.

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,212 comments

I feel a yawn coming on while reading this. Terribly written with no details on what and why exactly, just random swears and an attempt at being cool. Get out.

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demo_the_doomer Author
demo_the_doomer - - 76 comments

Any criticism and pointers so i might be able to re-write this so that it would be what your standards would consider good. Would you be man(or woman) enough to give me a critic so that i may improve my writing. After reading your effortless reviews that you have wrote, perhaps you should not be a hypocritical nitwit and berate an article that at least had some effort in it. All you seem to produce are comments and not even your own mod or project. I hope you enjoy acting a stuck up.... You know what why don't you finish that sentence. Any insult i could think of would obviously be inferior to one you could think up.

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OldDavidBr - - 143 comments

Nice review and those levels are so Awesome!

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antdude - - 103 comments

Will your mod be using Brutal Doom?

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demo_the_doomer Author
demo_the_doomer - - 76 comments

No..... To much new stuff and code to make it remotely balanced and playable, and even sprites that dont even match the brutal doom ones .

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