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We are fully ended Broken Hill maps! And present some information about professions

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Broken Hill city include: Broken Hill main, Parking, Junkyard, Field, Mine and Dungeon. Now we are working on quests and dialogues.
Professions (translated from russian with google translator):
- Professions. All professions need. All professions are important.Should be like this. But the plus to this it is necessary that even the dealer was interesting and even necessary to play. To do this, I think you need to make sure that the character of any profession could help in the battle. Not powerful, but to even be seen. Well, that merchant can carry a gun and palnut from it, even without aiming, it is quite logical. Very little skill should be enough to fill most the most elementary resources.
Small sketches about the professions:
1) Smith (any specialization). Knows its own specialization, so it may take up arms and are working with, and shoot. But!This character have to do without any drugs. Effects of drugs would be detrimental to the skill (I think it is easy to think of how). That is, will have to make a blacksmith with 7 force or to take treatment with the * weapon handling*. Blacksmith, of course, repairing and crafting only in their specialty.
2) Explorer. Master of survival in the wasteland. Attention! Not the same thing that a driver! Driver of the car just goes very quickly, but from the random encounters are not saved. The explorer is able to hold the group, even on a machine without a single meeting. Naturally, except for the wanderer should be able to fairly defend himself.
3) Hunter. Perhaps we should postpone this profession until the world is limited to the BH. But the essence of a hunter in it: a good idea to handle weapons and knows how to skin the majority of the mobs. I think to still add the hides to diversify the list of shruk geckos and Brahmins. I think the skins of mice, claws and even strips of leather aliens. It is quite durable.
4) Smith throwing ... here does not converge a bit. I think throwing knives should be left to the blacksmith for bladed weapons.Grenades will do the same scholars for demolition, along with bombs. Clearly the case that even a Molotov cocktail to properly do need knowledge. I think not take away from the scientist's ability to throw their products.
5) Merchant. Like I said, a little know how to fight. Need to give him a feature necessary for quality and the battlefield. Trader constantly has affairs with a variety of things, evaluates and sells them. I think to give the trader an opportunity to evaluate a subject, without which this subject has never sell even more or less normal price. Plus, the trained eye of the merchant is able to determine exactly what the enemy of the armor and weapons. (Ie leave avareness on things just for him.
6) Doctor. Here and everything is clear. Treats, darn, crafting stimpaks. Has the opportunity to see how many of the enemy left hp (hp avarenes to leave him).
7) Driver-mechanic. It's all clear. Sam collects his car. Well, it feeds itself. Brings up people for money. It is only necessary to limit the possibility of killing the driver and pick up the car, and the case will be quite bleak. While the other dangerous. You can also drive group to the city and there to unhook them from themselves. But if the machine fell on encounter, nothing prevents killing the driver. I think in this case, the cast of drivers will share information about who to trust and who not ... or simply limit the ability to kill the driver.
8) Mercenary. or fighter. Anything that does not fit the above specialization and can only shoot and can no longer eat some drugs to increase combat efficiency. How would Crafter / hunters / traders / doctors do not know how to defend itself against mercenaries / war they have no chance. Only if the latter flashback of drugs and had plenty of ammunition)

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