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Your country needs you. Well the mod needs you anyway.

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Lets get simple. The British are coming. However the way things are going the British will all be mutes.

They need voices. If you are from the land named after Angles and have a good microphone you could be their voice. Queue Lord Kitchener.

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All you need Is a good quality condenser microphone and pop filter. Which is about $250 worth of equipment. Or like ₤200 or whatever it is in that strange currency you use.

A large project like this could Kick start your career as a voice actor if that's something you want to do part time. You'll be fully credited and everything.

You need to be OK with using coarse language of course. Soldiers had notoriously bad mouths.

You can also get yourself into a recording studio, borrow a mic, find friends who might want to do this. Anything to help.

If you are interested don't contact me on steam. I have about 36 friend requests as of now. Forums, modding and admining does that. Also being lazy and not ignoring them contributes.
Contact me on Moddb:
Or the tripwire forums:

That way I'll actually be able to reply to you rather than sifting through steam friends and stuff. Also time zones. I'm literally on the other side of the world from you guys. New Zealand. 11 hours ahead. So steam chat wouldn't work. It's 12:30AM now here and 1:28PM over there.

So yeah the sooner we get voices the sooner you can all play for King and Country.

murauder - - 3,669 comments

Her majesties army needs your voice to be heard.

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tman0617 - - 248 comments

So will the British be a choice for soldier types or its own nation and replace the U.S. for battles like Caen?

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Lemonater47 Author
Lemonater47 - - 232 comments

They will be their own separate nation that will replace the U.S. for battles such as Caen.

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FrumpyPigskin - - 17 comments

You looking for stereotypical British voices, like every WW2 video game ever or real ones?

Try bring in more than just the 'Tally ho!' English accent please.

Get a good mix of English if you can: Yorkshire, Northumberland and South Eastern would be a'ight.

Also get some Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cornish in there, not just English.

-Love the progress so far.

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