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Images & video from the Hlobane singlepayer map where the British player must fight a rear guard action as they retreat from the mountain top.

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Work has been progressing well on the singleplayer map of Hlobane where the British have to descend the mountain plateau to escape the Zulu.

The map is based off the true story of 1879 where the British who ascended the Hlobane mountain were cut off and had to fight their way off the mountain to escape.

The single player video below shows the British player and his squad of AI as they fight a rear guard action as they retreat.


Both British and Zulu players command a squad of AI. They can be ordered individually, in smaller squads or as a whole.

Game Settings

There are a number of game settings including:

  • Player movement speed, tiredness and AI fighting effectiveness
  • Number of walls that need to be breached to capture
  • Smoke
  • Iron sights
  • Player death

Some stills of the player and his squad of AI as they retreat off the mountain:

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