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Remember how awesome it was to play CoD4? Remember how there were so many mods in which seemed to feel as though it ruined the feel of the game? Our mod features the stock feel of CoD4, but with more features...

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Our mod has a stock feel to it for CoD4. Come try it out sometime.

It features, 14 different killstreaks, 20 new weapons, and support for over 500 maps. Check out our page here: - Killstreaks & Perks Trailer - New Weapons Trailer

Unlike a lot of mods that unfortunately never have anyone to play with, our official server for our mod always has people in it playing. Simply type this into your console:


If you like our mod and want to host it, you're more than welcome to do so. We have provided the files that are necessary to host your own server on our moddb page.

See you in our server sometime to frag it up! :),


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