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Hearts Of Iron 4: Nuclear Aftermath is being worked on once again.

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HOI4: Nuclear Aftermath is back

Ever since I stopped working on this mod, I regretted it. The other day, my friend asked me if I would work on it again and that is when I decided to return. I quit because my life was becoming to busy to work on the mod, and it was getting to the point of me only working on it because I felt I had to but didn't want to. Now that I have taken a long break, my determination to finish this mod has returned and I hope I can see the project to the end. It will take a while to get going again as I may have deleted parts of the mod, but its nothing to major. So in the next few days I should be posting a screen shot of progress, and hopefully that can become a regular thing.

Note about me working on the other mod:

When quitting this mod, I was going to work on the other Fallout mod. The leader of the other mod did ask if I wanted to help, and I said yes but I can't get working right away as I was busy. After that, we never made contact again (Not their fault, mostly mine as I never got back to them) and that was it.


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