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(March 28, 2018) Today I have been working on adding bridges to Steer Clear! Your tugboat will have to avoid crashing into the caissons underneath the bridges, while avoiding other boats moving through.

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Originally published on on March 28, 2018.

Hello everyone! I have worked on one (possibly?) neat feature today: bridges. Occasionally, the player will have to move underneath bridges and avoid the caissons holding them up! It may get tricky when there are some freighters and steamships passing under the bridge at the same time so it's important to stay aware. Currently there's only one type of bridge, one for cars and trucks with sidewalks on both sides. Tomorrow I want to add cars and trucks that move across the bridge in both lanes on the bridge. I'm thinking about adding railroad bridges as well though, which may add some variety. Anything that will make the game more interesting, fun, and exciting I want to add and I think bridges are a great step in the process.

Other than that, I rescaled the text for the amount of gold you've collected, as well as change the label from score to a gold icon on the HUD. I want to make the user interface as easy to see and use as possible, which is especially important for mobile devices.

The next steps in finishing the development of the game is adding docks for the delivery drop-off system, as well as adding items and powerups. Once items and powerups are added, I will have to integrate the item system with the shop boat interface so players can buy items and powerups with the gold they collect!

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