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Bridge Guardian test completed, with this new functionality the game is one step closer to being able to travel to the second District.

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Bridge Guardian Test

First off a little recap about the game world. In Full Metal Combat you play as a competitor in a competition where you pilot a mech in an organised combat competition where how well or poorly you do affects your nation. This competition is in a giant metal floating purpose built city that is divided up in to 7 districts to keep the less experienced competitors from getting in to too much trouble. To move from district to district you must first meet the Class requirement. The classes go from total noob 'E' to elite 'A'. Once you are of the appropriate class or higher you can challenge the bridge guardian and if you win then you gain permanent access to the next District.

So basically when you reach the correct spot on the edge of any given District there is a bridge that you can wall out on to that leads to the guardian and then on to the Next District.

Once you open the doors you are greeted by the Guardian, each District has a unique guardian. Once the guardian is lowered in to place it will attack you relentlessly till you or it are dead.

This guardian uses heat seeking projectiles to make up for its slow speed and they pack a punch. For the purpose of this test and the video I did drop his armor down low to make it a quicker match. Once you have one it will drop a key that you can collect and this will unlock the next district for you.

Thanks for reading about the latest addition to the game I hope you all enjoyed it. :)

For more information on the game as well as regular updates and imput in to game ideas please look at my facebook page

All comments and feed back is greatly appreciated thanks. :)

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