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Let yourself be guided through the rooms and get information about the development process of the bridge and the canteen.

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Bridge and Canteen, Satement and Videos

For every room we renewed, we will make a video with a walk-through to show sound effects, animations, physical effects, light effects and the space distribution. The rooms are built intact. This makes it easier for us to plan and design the space. Our future-oriented planning allows to be used later for example in cutscenes. In an older version of the canteen, one can see that there are fractures on the outer shell and there are floating objects, because the gravitation is lame. To make it caotic is still our plan.


The bridge was our first room to which all the artists worked together. It broke our boundaries. We learned a lot about Unity PBR, Lightning Bakes and much more of each other. It strengthened our cohesion in the team and made much more fun working on a smaller thing than distributed throughout the game. In this way, we will systematically transform every space.
The bridge remains for the time a relatively unspoiled space, because it is well-sheltered. Equipped with many consoles and a holographic projector, the surroundings are perceived with the aid of various ship sensors. This could be an important mission for infiltrists.


The Canteen is a place of well-being for the ship's crew. It is intended to reflect life on the earth with many approaches to an American dinner. This is where celebrations take place, especially when the crew has successfully completed its mission and has arrived at home. Here, we worked closely with concept artists who joined the team.
The room is designed so that there are cover and evasion possibilities. In combat with infantrymen and their jetpack, short flight maneuvers are also possible.

Next Room

Next, we will rework the corridors and elevator shafts. They look good now, but we want to make it even better. As in the canteen and bridge, we bring more details and decorate it more with light sources in the new retro style in order to clarify the contours and shapes.

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