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The newest addition to Brick Inventions is the rocket block, a block with thrusters that can be used to accelerate other blocks.

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Hello everybody! I'm back with a new update to the game: The rocket block.

Actually, there isn't so much to say about the block as most things are is rather self explaining. Like shown in the video, the rocket block is used to push itself and other blocks forward. The rocket block has two basic attributes:

  • The force of the thrusters
  • Fuel

As a player, you can adjust the force of the rocket. If you increase it, the rocket will accelerate faster but will sooner run out of fuel. I also left the opportunity to set the force to zero so that the block does not consume any fuel. This way you can use it just for the effect, for example combined with gate or trigger blocks.

I've already written it here and on Steam Greenlight, that the targeted release frame is Summer 2015. Although there are still several things left, there has been much progress in the past months and it is currently on track. Porting the game to Unity 5 is almost complete (The footage in the video was already recorded from a build using Unity 5) and so far, the performance is amazing. I will go into more detail about that in the next post, which will go over all the new things and improvements Unity 5 allowed me to implement.

Stay tuned!

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