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The full list of developments and changes between versions 0.3b and 0.4b.

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This is the full development log for changes that happened between the 0.3 beta and 0.4 beta, including changes leading up to the never-released version 0.3.1, dated and in chronological order.

0.3.1 alpha


Albatross concept and model

  • Added the UEF Albatross; T3 Torpedo Bomber.


  • Added the Cybran Experimental shield thing.
  • Added generic icons for experimentals that still lack final meshes.


  • Created the LOD1 mesh, fixed the normals, buffs and icon for the UEF T2 Energy Storage.
    • 8 T2 energy storages around a T3 power generator now double its output.
  • Fixed the normals for the UEF T2 Mass Storage.


  • Gave the UEF T2 Energy Storage a name. A name which is totally not a Powerthirst reference.
  • Cybran T4 Shield changes:
    • Gave it a temporary semi-custom mesh and icon.
    • Renamed it to the Iron Curtain, from Erectile Dysfunction 6.
    • Fixed the lifebar and selection size and position.
    • Added rebuild bonus for remaking.
    • Updated the script for the new mesh.
    • Added the unit to the string tables for localisation.
  • Updated icons in the SCD file.


Cybran Air Transports

  • Iron Curtain changes:
    • Created a LOD1 mesh
    • Increased the length of time it takes to reactivate
    • Reduced its regen rate.
  • Moved the AINames strings from sorianlangs.lua to the individual units.
  • Updated the version name in the mod_info.lua.
  • Improved Sorian AI support.
  • Fixed the LOC string link which was making the Night Skimmer appear as being called 'Heavy Air Transport'.


  • Changed the mesh and normal map for the Iron Curtain for better ingame smoothing.
  • Changed the normal map of the Zenith for better smoothing.


  • Updated the required UID for the Icon Support mod; they had made it to version 5 without me noticing.


  • Increased the rate of fire of the Scathis Mk II which it can only achieve with power-plant bonus.


  • Bluebird corrected the German string tables.


  • Re-added the Iron Curtain to the German string tables.
  • Fixed and changed the mesh, icon, textures, script and blueprint of the Cybran T2 Field Engineer.


  • Added strategic icons for counter intel aircraft.
  • Added Vanguard, the UEF T3 Decoy plane.
  • Removed the Wilson from the aircraft factory build lists.
  • Changed the build sorting for the Solace, Albatross and Zenith.
  • Added the Albatross and the uncreated seraphim equivalent to the string tables.
  • Changed the normal map of the Cybran Field engy.


  • Added a temp texture and icon for the Albatross.


Albatross partial texture

  • Partially textured the Albatross properly.
  • Fixed the AA guns of the Albatross.
  • Fixed the script of the Seraphim T3 transport which was causing its weapons, and probably other things, to not work.
  • Changed the UV map of the Albatross.


  • Further texture changes for the Albatross.
  • Removed unnecessary categories from the Vanguard.
  • Created the category PRODUCTBREWLAN, for external referencing.
  • Changed the threat level of the Decoy planes to be 1000x that of Spy planes.


  • Fixed the counter-intel fighter strategic icons, which had horrible artifacts on some states.
  • Fixed the Wilson not appearing in any build menus after the last 'fix' which I never checked properly after changing.
  • Fixed the Cybran T1 land factory being able to build the Megalith somehow after the last fix which never got individually uploaded.


Aeon Tech 2 Bomber

  • Changed the particle effects from the Pigeons main weapon.
  • Started creating and implementing the Aeon T2 Bomber.


  • Did more work on the mesh, texture, and stats of the Aeon T2 Tactical Bomber, now called the Impaler, and added it to the string tables.

2 years of mostly silence


  • Added the UEF Mobile Satellite Uplink at about this date. (Changelog note added 2012-09-16 from file creation dates)


  • Added the UEF Mobile Strategic Defence at about this date. (Changelog note added 2012-09-16 from file creation dates)

0.4.0 beta


Aeon Tech 2 Bomber

  • Added a strategic icon for T3 antimissile vehicle.
  • Added a strategic icon for T1 Anti naval fighter aircraft.
  • Modified the mesh and textures of the Aeon T2 Bomber to finish the appearance of its rear end.


  • Added the UEF T1 torpedo bomber.


Seagull on Water

  • Made all torpedo bombers able to land on water. Funny story; it was the 'TRANSPORTATION' category all along.


  • Added the UEF T1 Air staging platform.


UEF, Aeon, and Seraphim Tech 1-2 Air Staging

  • Finished the UEF T1 Air staging platform.
  • Allowed the Aeon T2 shield to upgrade into the T3.
  • Updated 'Unit Statuses.txt' somewhat.
  • Added localisation string for the Aeon T4 Artillery description.
  • Updated entries in German string table. Translations still pending.
  • Added French localisation; the names and nicknames are probably fine(ish) but the description text is probably terrible French.


  • Fixed the Abyssal Persecutors occasional walk animation speed bugs.
  • Flailed around blindly with the UEF T2 energy storage.


  • Minor changes to the UEF T1 shield gen for allowing it to upgrade.
  • Disabled the UEF T1 shield from upgrading on land.
  • Added the UEF T3 Naval shield, only available as an upgrade from the UEF T1 light shield (which is aquatic).
  • Added some ghetto German and French string tables for the UEF T3 Naval shield.


Shielded Scathis

  • Increased the max-health of the Scathis Mk II, to 17500 from 8750.
  • Shield generator changes:
    • Fixed the adjacency bonuses of the T1 Aeon & UEF shields, and the UEF T3 Naval shield.
    • Corrected the abilities list of the Iron Curtain.
    • Cybran shield balancing:
      • Bumped the ED2 down to T1 and removed it from T2 build lists.
      • Added the ED3 to T2 build lists.
      • Increased the max health of the Iron Curtain to 6950 from 4250.
      • It now takes 3 hits from any T3 bomber directly to destroy it, instead of 1-2 (race dependant).
      • Removed the unlisted radar and sonar from the Iron Curtain.
    • T1 UEF Shield gen balancing:
      • Increased the build rate (for upgrading) from 7.5 to 10.
      • Increased the power outage regen time to 5 sec from 3.
      • Increased the damage outage regen time to 10 sec from 7.25.
      • Increased regen rate to 110 from 80.
      • Increased shield size to 14 from 13.
    • Aeon T1 shield balancing:
      • Increased regen to 120 from 69.
      • Increased recharge time to 10 from 8.
      • Increased shield strength to 6700 from 5500.
      • Increased size to 11 from 10.
      • Lowered build costs to 240m 2400e 240t from identical to the T2's.


  • Part two of shield generator changes:
    • Seraphim T1 shield balancing.
      • Increased health to 250 from 200.
      • Increased shield strength to 8000 from 6500.
      • Increased shield size to 17 from 16.
      • Increased regen rate to 139 from 75.
      • Increased recharge time to 12 from 10.
      • Increased mass/energy/build time to 400/4000/400 from 350/3500/350.
    • Cybran Iron Curtain changes.
      • Halved mass/energy/time/maintenance costs to 1200/200000e/8000/2500eps.
      • Halved the regen assist mult and energy drain regen values back to their original 60 and 5, like all other shields.
      • Lowered shield rebuild time to 1:30 from 3:40.


Unfinished Aeon T3 Transport

  • More random flailing at the T2 Energy storage scaled explosions. Srsly, fuck them.
  • Partially completed a new model for the Aeon T3 Transport. It came out bigger than expected.
  • Rebalanced stats of the Aeon T3 Transport to accommodate for its new size. I almost made it an experimental.


Cybran Defence Towers

  • Fixed the Hades' cannon not rotating while firing.
  • Fixed the Hades' inverted normals.
  • Allowed Cerberus to upgrade into Hades, then disallowed it. That shit was crazy OP.


  • Gave the Aeon T3 Transport shield active animations and effects, although the particles are out of align, the shutter doors don't open yet, and it still has no weapons.


  • Gave the Aeon T3 Transport weapons (AA only), fixed the particle effects, and made the shutters hide on built.
  • Fixed the Aeon T3 Transport's rings and ball not starting up again on shield reset.


  • Increased the build time of the Aeon T3 Transport.
  • Gave the Aeon T3 Transport a pretty death.


  • Reclassified the Abyssal Persecutor as 'Experimental Battleship' instead of 'Experimental Dreadnaught'.
  • Fixed, and gave a slightly more unique appearance to, the Seraphim T3 Point Defence.
  • Assigned my damage test unit a mesh. Because that's important enough for the changelog.
  • Cleaned up some un-needed files.


UEF Experimental Factories

  • Fixed the death animation link for the Seraphim T3 Point Defence.
  • Corrected the Solaris' name on the French and German string tables.
  • Added build descriptions for the Seraphim T3 Point Defence.
    • German description is the same as the Hades.
    • French description is probably terrible French.
  • Updated Unit Statuses.txt.
  • Moved the code that hides the Scathis and Novax Center to Blueprints.Lua.
  • Hid the UEF T4 PD from the build menus.
  • Changed the Cybran and UEF T3 Gunship AA damage values to double their original values. (That's 12 and 6 damage per shot :O)
  • Removed all the extra spaces from the French LOC, and capitalised some letters.
  • Moved the code that gives Sparky the extra build cat to Blueprints.lua.
  • Added the Aeon T2 Defence Engineer.
  • Added the Aeon T3 Naval shield, which can only be acquired by upgrading the T1 on water.
  • Fixed the energy cost of the UEF T3 Naval shield, which was missing a digit.
  • Removed the rebuild bonuses from the UEF T3 Naval shield. You cant build it directly.
  • Added the UEF Experimental Factory.
  • Temporarily disabled the UEF T4 Factory from building aircraft.
  • Temporarily disabled the UEF T4 Factory from building experimental naval units.
    • The Atlantis gets stuck attached to it for some reason.
  • Failed attempt at making the T4 factory accept experimental units properly.


  • Added headers to the language string tables with cheesy ascii art.
  • Minor change to the Sorian ai units table. It needs a proper update still.
  • Removed the Restorer changes for breaking FAF balancing.
  • Moved 1k health from the Harbingers shields to its health.
  • UEF Experimental Factory changes:
    • Halved build time.
      • It is now quicker to build than the Fatboy, instead of slower.
    • Increased build rate from 180 to 240.
      • Its now faster than the Fatboy instead of the same speed.
    • Gave it the name 'Gantry'.
    • Increased the selection width.


  • Fixed a number of errors in the foreign string tables.
  • Added the Aeon T3 naval shield, T2 defence engineer and the Gantry to the string tables.
  • UEF Gantry changes:
    • Gave build animations.
    • Fixed unit rolloff.
    • Made Air units build-able again.
    • Created a toggle button for between building land/sea and air.
      • Gave the toggle button custom tooltips and added tooltips to the localisation string tables.
      • Gave the button a custom appearance.


The Gantry building a Fatboy

  • Moved the Fatboy to be build-able only by the Gantry, for technical reasons.
  • Added a fake Fatboy for engineers to build.
    • It has all the stats important during building of the real Fatboy.
    • When it finishes building it gets replaced by the real one.
      • I'll do the same for the Atlantis when I make a script to make it automatically dive, or otherwise not get stuck.


  • Made the engineer built Fatboy pass its health to the real one on completion, so it doesn't appear to regain all its health.
  • Disabled torpedo bombers ability to land on water which was causing them to not retaliate automatically against submarines attacking them.
  • Added rebuild bonus for the Gantry on the corpse of another.
  • Removed the scripts I that made the Cybran bomber and fighter auto activate stealth for interfering with FAF.
  • Added tooltips for the decoy planes ability to change their speed.
  • Made a start on the script to change the speed of the Aeon Decoy plane.


  • Fixed the string tables for the decoy plane tooltips.
  • Removed the Aster (UEF mobile anti-nuke) from build menus.
    • It fires missiles it doesn't have, and goes into negative numbers. Forever.
  • Changes Archimedes to be listed as indirect fire.
  • Changed stats of the Archimedes to be similar to the Seraphim sniper bot on slow.
  • Gave the Beguiler (Aeon Decoy Plane) a mesh and icon.
  • Removed the other two uncompleted decoy planes from the build menus.
  • Increased the energy cost of the BrewLAN T3 air units to match that of the others.
  • Fixed the Aeon T2 defence engineer being build-able by all aeon factories.
  • Removed the Archimedes, AC-500 Centurion, and Abyssal Persecutor from build menus.
    • All unfinished.
  • Fixed the Gantry to be able to build Sparky. For reals this time.


  • Changed the icon of the Pigeon. Still not happy with it; its at the wrong angle.
  • Archimedes changes:
    • Fixed the strategic icon.
      • It now has the same as the mobile artillery.
    • Added a (lazy) custom mesh for the Archimedes.
    • Set it to do a little under 5K damage per shot.
    • Set its rate of fire to once every 30 seconds.
    • Gave it an icon.
    • Re-added it to the build menus.
  • Re-arranged the build icon sort priorities for T3 land units.


  • Lowered the damage of the Aeon T2 bomber from 1925 to 1125.
  • Released!

BrewLAN 0.4 beta

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