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Another talk with our CEO! Here, he talks about this common cycle in MMOs, where players are constantly seeking new and better equipment, even though they just acquired some. We don't want Profane to be like that and here's our take on the subject.

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We are back with another cut from the live reaction video our CEO, BunnyJoker, did along with Oxfurd over the "Why Hardcore Full Loot PVP MMO's Fail" video by Josh Strife Hayes.

This time, Bunny goes over a frequent practice in theme-park MMOs: the eternal search for better gear. When playing Profane, better gear will not be your ultimate goal. Instead, it will be a disposable accessory to help you achieve other goals.

There can be fun gear that will bring you incredible experiences and memories, but we don't believe the game should revolve around always looking for it.

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