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We know it's been a while but it's not in vain. Our focus was forced onto other projects but now we're all in on this one, and to represent that we're here to announce chapter 1 is fully done!

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Hello everyone! It's been long, too long, since we did a proper update and we're terribly sorry for it! Fact is, this is not the only project we had to tackle for school, and at one point we had a choice in front of us. "Attempt both and possibly have to develop both all the way to september, or focus our attention on one so we could put all our effort into another once that one's done?"

And that's how we came to the situation that happened now. As the project we were dedicating all our focus to came to a close, we managed to shift our focus back to this game, but we didn't want to make a post just to say we're back without any progress being shown. Instead we opted to finish up chapter 1 before making this post.

In about 2 weeks of work we are now at over 17300 words into this game, with all the base workings well defined. All things considered, we think these numbers are a success and we will endeavour to keep up the pace!

In the meantime, we'd like you all to have a few text previews we cooked up, we'll save the inner workings of the game and art updates for another time to give them their own focus. Be sure to follow our twitter as well!

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